Meet yoghurt, my cream chow chow

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  1. #1 Aug 18, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2008
    Dear Everyone,

    I would like to share the touching story of my chow chow named Yoghurt :P

    Yoghurt was born October 31, 2007, she's a pure-bred cream chow chow and out of 5 puppies, she was the only girl. We were so happy when our adult chow Vodka gave birth but we did not realize all the complications that would happen next.

    Vodka gave birth to 4 puppies in 16 hours, but after 24 hours, she gave birth to yet another one and thus, the duration of the labor made her blood toxic and her milk sour. The 4 puppies that came out first were starving and the last one was not responding normally.

    We put vodka on an antibiotic regimen and vitamin c,

    One by one, the puppies died in a span of 48 hours, the helper was caring for the puppies while we were not around ( we live 2 hours away from my in laws) but apparently, the puppies still got cold because they were not eating and eventually died. They were at my in laws house-

    The 2 last ones that fought were Yoghurt and Brownie:
    The last one was Yoghurt, the only girl. When I found her there, she was very weak already and even though I was holding her, you could tell that she was not responding normally anymore-- her responses to touch are very faint. I tried to put her under her mom's belly but she still looked cold.

    I told my husband that I want to bring yoghurt home because I cant go back and forth my in laws place since its very inconvenient and I will not be able to observe the puppy. I want her in our bedroom because I was so scared of losing her fast.

    Needless to say, we dognapped Yoghurt :P and just called my mother in law to say I was taking her home.

    I brought her home and brought her to the vet the next morning. The vet said the prognosis was not good, that she was turning purple and we should expect the worst. :wtf:

    Of course I was so sad, so I went home and put yoghurt under a lamp while mixing teh ingredients for home made puppy milk I found online. It consists of evaporated milk, baby multivitamins, 3 egg yolks and Karo syrup

    I fed her using a human bottle and she was drinking the milk vigorously which was very good. I looked for signs of diarrhea the next few days and found nothing so it was great.
  2. Excuse me..but this CANNOT be for real....The puppies were left and GOT COLD AND DIED because their caretaker left and no one felt like taking care of them?????????

    These were YOUR dogs that you irresponsibly bred and let them die of cold?????

    WTF is wrong with you?:wtf:

    People that love dogs are on here......this is sick

    I am done.........this is just disturbing at the least
  3. After every feeding, I clean her up and dry her so that she wont get any infections since she does not have the immunity of mother's milk:


    Caring for an "orphaned" puppy is very hard since you have to clean up their poopies and burp them and feed them every 3 hours but when I saw that yoghurt was gaining weight, I did not mind at all:


    After 2 months of handfeeding yoghurt, she was ready to eat puppy food and this was the time she really tripled in weight since the puppy food was more adapt to her than human evap milk. In this photo, yoghurt is 3 months old:


    At 6 months:


    Everytime I look at her and play with her, I always think about her brothers who died and was wondering If only I took all of them in and fed them, they would have lived ,

    I am very happy though that i took action on yoghurt and took her, that way-- she didnt die like her brothers. She is now a very healthy, happy and very kindhearted dog. She loves humans, she's very affectionate and loves being touched and cuddled :yes: We love her so much... she's a blessing.
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    Sheesh kristie,

    How can you even say that when you don't even understand the whole story correctly????

    You are very misinformed, please read and clarify the story first before you point and judge-

    In laws mean they are my husband's parents. Vodka is my husband's family dog WHEN HE LIVED AT HIS PARENTS HOUSE and since my husband I have been together for 7 years BEFORE we got married-- I considered Vodka as my own too.

    When we got married, we have our OWN house which is a 2-hour drive from my in laws.

    Vodka is NOT MY dog, she is my in laws dog and the caretaker was hired to take care of Vodka. He was paid to feed and care for the dog since my in laws are in their 60's already- and cannot go up and down the long staircase and into the garden area to visit Vodka very often.

    The reason we were not able to get the puppies early is because my father in law had a personal vet going there to check on the puppies and he did not want us to get the puppies as they might die. I only stood by ground to dognap the puppy when I saw everyone was dying because the puppy milk the vet prescribed was not good for them. The caretaker could not make them ingest it :shrugs: that's why they died.

    If you are not specifically knowledgeable on how to handfeed formula to puppies, it is hard to make puppies ingest them that's why I took the puppy and fed her myself because I knew I could do it even though I have not done it before. :jammin: Even the vet did not know what to do anymore as vets are not very keen with home-made recipes for newborn puppies. If you normally take your dogs to the vet, you should know they are very skeptical on that issue and would only prescribe canned puppy milk which is CRAPPY!

    Please make sure of the whole story before you proceed in being self-righteous, its very offensive. I am very conscious of animal welfare and you do not have the monopoly of being a responsible animal lover. ;(
  5. omg adorable... love it... looks soo cute
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    Thank you so much, she's amazing isnt she? She's a very happy dog too. I forgot that I named her Yoghurt because I added yoghurt to her home made milk for the probiotics content to protect her tummy :P
  7. My apologies, but maybe it was because at the very beginning you used the word "we" a lot and so it appeared as though it was actually your dog that you had bred and it was just at your in laws house.

    Maybe it was the way you phrased the story, but the way it was written sounded exactly like someone that just bred their dog irresponsibly and then were completely unprepared to take care of potential situations when the mother gave birth.

    I am really glad your puppy got a second chance at life because of you helping her and saving her, she looks very happy.
  8. I'm glad you saved her. She's adorable! I just want to hug her!!! And yeesh that sounds like a lot of work on your part! :biggrin:
  9. My goodness, you have done an incredible job in saving that puppy. Not an easy task, that's for sure. Well done.:smile:
  10. A very sad start to life, but your healthy Chow is gorgeous! I hardly ever see white Chows and I think they're gorgeous. I have a Chow mix from a rescue group and I know what wonderful dogs they can be.

    Wishing you and your doggie happiness!
  11. Love the blue tongue...adorable.
  12. Did Vodka, the mother, live? It sounded like she was in a bad state as well...
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    Hi There,

    Thank you so much for the kind words, I get emotional about it because I put up a lot of work raising Yogurt that even the vet who sort of gave her a death sentence could not believe she survived--he would always say "Yoghurt is so amazing"

    Its not fun to wake up 2 AM and 5 AM every single night for 2 months so I can feed her because she would cry like a baby. There were times I ask myself how I could do this for a puppy, that I might get sick but sometimes, you just have to do something to make a difference in the world, even just a drop. Even though she's a dog, I know she deserved to live.

    Actually this is Vodka's 2nd litter, her 1st one all lived because my husband was in his parents' house then and he took care of her on her 1st pregnancy,

    Vodka is a VERY strong dog. She's one of my husband's dogs that never got ill or anything while growing up so she's really a fighter. Her 1st pregnancy was a breeze and my husband was there to catch all the puppies that came out in 30 minutes only.

    However, 2nd pregnancy- Vodka got fat and had difficulty giving birth. She was put on 14 days antibiotics with calcium and vitamin c supplements after she gave birth and she's very healthy again :yes:

    She really never looked sick coz the complications were due to her being too fat while pregnant :shame:

    Actually, what I really like about Yoghurt is that she has Vodka's attitude, she's not grouchy and she's very respectful of humans. When anyone holds their hand out to her, she automatically licks it. I guess that's because I handfed her all throughout and she saw human hands as something good. She's also very responsive to hugs and when you hug her, she licks your face. I know a lot of chows are grouchy but she's totally not, if she has your face near, she would lick it and would never bite or anything--even with strangers. Another one I noticed with her is she could take VERY LONG walks. I sometimes walk her for 1 hour straight and she never gets tired--something odd for a chow chow.
  14. shes really precious...i love her color! she was lucky to have you
  15. The thing that really scared me was it took her 2 months exact to be able to see.

    She was turning 2 months when I noticed her eyes were still glassy purple and she still could not see.

    I watched TV one day and saw an infant milk formulated to make babies eyesight develop better-- its called Promil with LUTEIN. So I immediately went to the grocery and mixed that milk with the milk recipe I was giving yoghurt and after 1 week, Yoghurt was able to see!!!

    I was so happy when 1 morning, my husband passed by Yoghurts little crib on the floor of our living room and he noticed Yoghurt followed him with a curious look and he went to me saying "Hon, I think yoghurt can see already---look!"

    And I was screaming like " Yes, Yes, Yes--thank you thank you she's not blind!!!"