Meet Troy! New Cat Parent Questions!!!

  1. ^^i had no idea it's pretty much the same as human's....from now on i will stick to ceramic.
  2. my cats have chin acne too - only fairly bad in one of them. she's just getting over two actual 'pimples' they scared me to death! but now they're gone.
    the other 3 aren't that bad. guess i will be buying new cat dishes! currently they use some sort of metal... but maybe it's fake metal?? they were cheap pet dishes i got at IKEA.

    and how on earth do you get your cat to let you pick away at their chin?? i obsess over it at times but usually sunday won't have any of it... she'll push my hands away... jerk her head...

    although it's interesting because i used to use ceramic bowls and now that i think about it i don't remember having this problem when i used those.
  3. Thank you sooo much for all of your posts!! They made me feel a lot better. You're all right - the next time I bring him for a checkup, I'll ask about all of these things. Interestingly, though, when I got home today, his eyes looked much better and I can see the spots on his back fur much more. I think the warm washcloth on the eyes has helped and that his fur is starting to grow back. Or maybe I just felt very happy to see him so everything looked better to me :smile:

    He really is a sweetie pie, and we knew that coming from a shelter, there would be things to get checked like fleas, upper respiratory, stress. The people who had him from birth got divorced and LEFT him in their house when it was foreclosed. The neighbor heard him crying and called animal services. I can't believe someone would give this little guy up.

    I will keep you all posted. It feels good to finally be a part of an animal-loving group and be a mommy to my own kitty!!!!
  4. Mine (with light skin on the cat) are easier to see, my male it was harder as he has dark skin around his mouth.

    ^Hope no one was about to eat dinner :smile:
    I flipped mine over on their back (we use that as clipping time for the nails, and also a regular body checkup ... including nipples since I've found they don't clean them well) and found a position where they would let me mess with the chin, clean off the stuff I could expunge and then use some sort of antiseptic type of lotion on the chin (probably bought at Petsmart or something) and check up on it every day.

    We changed their eating bowl, their water bowl, removed as much plastic bags they had liked to chew on in the house and anything else they were coming in contact with that was helping maintain the bacteria.

    Right now the boys drink from a water dome (no direct contact with plastic) and they free-feed from the bottom of a broil pan (since their main bowl is in cleaning right now).

    I have not had the acne return since, save a few zits they get along the mouth line.

    I will say the hair loss from the acne scared me because I thought it would never grow back, it took time, but it did.
  5. your new kitty is so cute!

    - about the acne - my newly adopted kitty had a small case that got worse after coming home with us despite having no plastic dishes. The vet prescribed dermachlor which I dilute with 1 part water and rub on his chin kinda scrubbing lightly to remove the blackhead like bits. He does not enjoy this and still has some but it is much better looking and not so inflamed.

    The fur may regrow if it's because of fleas or stress. I had a cat that would compulsively groom but with vet visits and some meds she stopped and the fur came back. I wouldn't worry too much if he's not obsessively licking.

    Good luck with your new kitty.
  6. Congrats on adopting such a cutie!
  7. He's gorgeous!
  8. Congrats on the adopt and wishing good health to the little one.
  9. do you have someone hold them while you do it?? my kitty loves throwing her head back when sleeping (and she likes to sleep on my lap) which gives me great access to her chin but i need like two hands to hold her head still and two to work on her chin lol
  10. Hi all! This is an update to a thread I started a year ago. I was, in fact, over worrying. Troy's hair is all grown in now. You can see his belly hair all grown in in the picture. He had licked a lot of it off in the shelter for whatever reason, but it's full grown now! His eyes are fine, too- he gets runny every now and then. The catne is still there but not a lot. No bumps. I brush under his chin every now
    and then black comes out. Also switched his bowls like a few people said to do- thank you!

    I love him so much. He is so funny and vocal. Just wanted to update everyone who helped
    me since it's good to see that things do get better! The poor guy was probably stressed
    from being abandoned and in the shelter, but he is right at home now!!!
    image-2627312094.jpg image-1775675550.jpg image-388277591.jpg
  11. OMG he is gorgeous!

    Love the last pic :love:
  12. Thank you for the update ~ He looks so happy and healthy! What a beautiful cat he is!
  13. What a handsome young man! I'm so glad he is settled and happy.
  14. I love the picture with you and him! :smile:
  15. Awww love the belly scritching pic! Glad he got settled in and is a happy cat now!