Meet Toby

  1. My cute little 7 month old pug!:amuse:
  2. Very cute!
  3. Aaawww!!! Look at that face!!!
  4. Hi Toby! You're adorable! Love your outfit and your teddy bear!
  5. How cute!:heart:
  6. Your pug it too cute!
  7. Awwwwww.....he is so cute!!!! Pugs have such cute faces.
  8. Hi Toby!!!

    What an adorable little man!!!
  9. So cute.
  10. So adorable...
  11. OMG he's so cute!!
  12. He is super cute.
  13. Toby is adorable!
  14. :love:
  15. awww..

    "HI TOBY"