Meet the twins - pics.


Nov 30, 2006
All good things come in twos so they say.
I went to Shepton yesterday and certainly never expected to come home with a mouse grey Daria satchel but I did. :nuts: The orange one nagged away at me overnight so I went back today and got it.
I already have the Daria hobo in orange but, for some reason, I only tend to use that as a winter bag whereas the smaller satchel will work well both summer and winter and I can use it to death until a Lindy pops up.
Also thought you might like a pic of the view from my French terrace.


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Nov 5, 2009
both beautiful i have the orange and i love it, i was in cheshire oaks yesterday and there was quite a few people walking around the shop with various daria satchels on, grey will go with everything i would love a cerise, but im on the sofa, funds have run too low. huge congrats..
fab view, lucky you.


Feb 27, 2009
That is just lovely sj ! Beautiful colours !

I use to envy you people that have access to the outlets, but maybe it's better for me not to have. I seem to get a lot of bags anyway :graucho:


Nov 30, 2006
Thanks everyone. I'm pleased with the twinnies but I have to stay away from Shepton now until the autumn. There were so many lovely bags there today that were just too tempting!

DoubleDutch - thank you.

MissM - currently my fave is mouse grey but that's probably because I already have the orange so it doesn't feel such a new bag IYKWIM. Also I love winter so I'm already picturing it with opaques, a dress and long boots, bliss.

Wulie - thank you.

Messy - I saw the cerise at SM and it's a lovely bag. It's very striking and is another that would look fab both summer and winter.

CB - merci beaucoup!

Marmyte - I hadn't thought about Daria for a long time until I saw it at SM. I did buy a satchel when it first came out and wasn't won over but I guess tastes change because I'm liking it a lot now!

Hula - thanks hon.

Lakrits - I now have to make myself believe I live a very long way from the outlet, no more trips there for a while!

Uma - of course, they were £385.

Ditab - you are just like my MIL, you have the most incredible memory. I remember the tangerine one as that only left a few weeks ago. I do remember trying the coffee one but don't think I ever bought it, but maybe I did! I really wanted a claret but it was washed nappa and I preferred the soft. I try not to duplicate but reckoned on mouse being winter and orange summer. I have a suspicion that orange hobo might not be used as much this winter but I think I'm going through a smaller bag stage.

Thea and Tiffany - thank you.


Jan 24, 2007
Lovely view from your terrace!!! I never imagined it being in / near woodland for some reason!
Twins are the best ( well i would say that wouldn't I? twin sons, twin phoebes, twin jacquetta's, twin Antony's)