Meet The Paddington's

  1. Meet some of my Paddy's.:yes:
  2. GORGEOUS!!!:love:
  3. :drool: Wonderful vision!!! I love all your Paddy!! :love:

    Your collection is very cute!! :dothewave:
  4. Ooooh, lovely!!
  5. WOW!! Lovely!!!
  6. Wow! Nice collection.
  7. 5 PADDY"S! omg! i love yoU!
  8. Well, hello there! You still have space in that pic for more paddies! :roflmfao:
  9. WOW! Your Paddingtons are gorgeous!
  10. Beautiful arrangement of Paddingtons!
  11. Beautiful..I love them!! :biggrin:

  12. hahaa, the ones you have pictures though are glorious!! :yes:
  13. What a gorgeous collection! Enjoy them...
  14. They are all amazing!! :heart:
  15. OMG they're gorgeous! I just bought a white Paddy but I haven't posted it yet. I love the family pic... now I want more!