Meet the Notorious Sister! Pics included!

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  1. These boxes were waiting patiently for me for 3 weeks, now I finally managed to get to it and unwrap my box! The other box is the same item but belongs to a fren.
    Reveal1.jpg Reveal2.jpg
  2. waiting!! unwrap themmmmmmmm!
  3. can't n show......:woohoo:
  4. it seems something from kiet, isn't it.
  5. ^
    You are sharp, I see you are from HK and probably used to Kiet's packing! Lols!
    I got him sent those stuff to HK in early Jan but didn't know I would be away for so looong. Anyway, better late than never!
  6. Open open!! This is so exciting!!
  7. Here it is, the notorious Sevruga WOC that caused quite a stir in TPF due to its quality issues. I was getting nervous knowing I have 2 waiting for me to inspect and decide whether its a keeper.
    Reveal3.jpg Reveal4.jpg Reveal5.jpg
  8. open!
  9. Oh wow!
  10. wat's the other?
  11. Congrats
  12. After reading complaints about it comes with scratches, the leather is wavy, creased, etc., I had to scrutinise mine and I did see a tiny crease at the back right corner (circled in blue). But its really not too bad on the one I received and the color is gorgeous, so its a keeper for me! :biggrin:
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    i never work with kiet. but i saw some other posts showing how nice is his packing.
    may i ask which boutique he is working with. i want to buy a chevron. TIA
    love ur woc. it's really a keeper. congrats
  14. Its the same Red Servuga WOC but for a fren, will be passing to her tomor :biggrin:
  15. Okay, here are the 10C Red sisters shots!
    Reveal6.jpg Reveal7.jpg Reveal8.jpg