meet the newest member :)

  1. here she is :smile: she's sooo pretty!!!:heart::p
  2. love her, congrats!! :tup:
  3. congrats!! the saleya is slowly growing on me :love:
  4. shes beautiful!! congrats!
  5. thanks :smile: she is soooo prettY!!
  6. congratulations! it's nice
  7. Congrats!!!!
  8. She is so lovely, congrats!! :yahoo:
  9. thanks :smile: I think it looks great w/ her new pal too..(thanks to denise)
    azur saleyaPM groom.jpg
  10. congrats!
  11. very nice bag.....azur slowly growing on me !!
  12. Woww congrat!!! I saw her irl once when I was in the LV shop, I admired her, she's gorgeous.
  13. Congrats!
  14. wow!!! loveee love her...congrats!!!
  15. I agree, so pretty! And you were smart to snatch it up before the price increase!