Meet the newest member of my Bay family

  1. :yahoo:Hey Chloe Ladies,

    Just wanted to introduce you to the newest addition to my ever-growing Bay family...the Green Patent Medium Quilted version:love:.I know she's controversial, but I :heart:LOVE :heart:her !!! Good old Aloha Rag and their fabulous sale (not to mention their hugely helpful customs procedure;) !).

    I wasn't sure about the idea of the Green patent when I first saw it on the Aloha Rag website, having never actually seen one IRL, but I'm totally sold on it now:yes:. I'm posting two photos - one with the contrasting brown zip pulls and the other with the matching green ones on the flip side...I'm really liking the brown contrasting ones myself.

    I know this colourway wouldn't be to everyones taste, but I think this one works well with my jet black hair and mostly black clothing ( anyone seen the musical 'Wicked' ? All I need is green skin and I could be a doppelganger for Elphaba:lol:!)

    Given that the green bag is an Xmas self-gifting exercise and my DH bought me the large black patent version, I think this one really HAS to be the final Bay of my collection (yeah right, I hear you say:shame:smile:.
    Chloe Green Bay brown.jpg Chloe Green Bay green.jpg
  2. Congrats.. it is beautiful...
    Now that you have finished your bay collection, maybe you could start with the betties or the paddies... there's no end to this addiction...
    I just got my first betty and am already deciding which one will come next...
  3. astonishing that colour is!!congrats and i do prefer the brown zip flaps too!maybe i'll be exchanging pics too once this customs issue is over...i'm not the lucky one here...!
    hey, maybe a pic of you modeling the bag??:yes:
  4. Yes the patent is so gorgeous. I'm really starting to dig the quilted Bay. I really, really love your bag!!!!!!!
  5. Congrats on your beautiful bag!! Green is my favorite color & the Bay is gorgeous in this color. Enjoy & yes we need modeling pics!
  6. WOWEE Tag! I love this color in patent and the bag in general! What a great accent with certain outfits. I wouldn't mind a purple or red patent one either. Patent packs a lot of punch! (Try saying that fast!) And don't stop your collection - who knows what else might pop up!
  7. :tup:Hey thanks girls - I'm so glad you like my newest infatuation:girlsigh: (or is it real enduring love:love: ???... only time will tell, but actually I've never fallen out of love with any of my Bays and wouldn't dream of parting with any of them:nogood:, unlike my Mulberry collection which I've almost completely sold off at this point).

    It gives me real joy:yahoo: to be able to share with you ladies... only a couple of my friends really get my 'Bag' thing and there's a limit to their tolerance of my little habit. TPF rocks:wlae: ! I'll post a modelling photo tomorrow promise:smile:.
  8. Wow Tag, what a great addition to your amazing collection of quilted bays. You are really making me hanker after a quilted one for myself.
  9. I like your bag!Was looking at the white one myself but decided against it nontheless!
  10. WOW, what a stunner, beautiful bag --congratulations!!
  11. congrats on such a stunning bag...
  12. awwww congratulations!! your post made me happy for u since you sound very happy about ur new love!! love the vibrant color!! change is really good!! :love: it must look fantastic with a black turtle neck and say a warm jeans! with black boots!! oooo cant top that!! :yahoo:
  13. :smile:Thanks Ruby,GM,Ilson & Mona - so happy to hear my latest Chloe baby has gone down so well with you ladies:tup: ! Thanks also Vanilla (you sound like such a sweetie:heart:!), the outfit you described is almost exactly what I was wearing yesterday - you must be psychic:yes: !
  14. llove your new bag!! congrats!! now what about a good ol family pic ??
  15. :tup:Thanks Valerie - there actually already is a photo of my Bay family (excluding the latest one) in the 'All About The Bay' section of the Chloe reference strand. Do check them out - they're a gorgeous bunch if I say so myself ;)!