Meet the new addition to my Spy collection - Lots pictures

  1. Well she arrived today, my Turquoise Hologram, and she is absolutely stunning. Now I never in my life bought a metallic bag before, the only one I intended to get was the Dark Green one, but this one quite takes my breath away. Perfect condition, and like you ladies told me it is dark in colour plus its a very muted metallic so not at all "in your face".:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :wlae: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    The sun was out today and I went into the garden with it to have a really good look at it, well the bag just lite up in the sunshine truely amazing.

    I hope everyone likes the photos, did some family shots of all the spys I have. Let me know which one you like best
    130_3092.JPG 130_3093.JPG 130_3094.JPG 130_3097.JPG 130_3099.JPG
  2. Here are some more pictures, if you are like me you like lots of pictures
    130_3098.JPG 131_3101.JPG 131_3103.JPG
  3. Saich2, she's absolutely gorgeous!!! Congrats!!!! Quite stunning!!!
  4. Wow Saich, your new bag is stunning!! Have you been saving up for a while? I had to save up for so long to be able to buy ONE spy, I can't imagine owning this many!!
    I love the shot of all of them on the table, breathtaking! I think my fave is the cherry but your new one comes a close second.
    What colour is the Wisteria? Is that honey?
  5. Hi Steph and welcome to the forum, yes the Wisteria is Honey its a beautiful bag. I think most peoples favourite is the Cherry which I love.

    Balenciagalove glad you like the Hologram cannot wait to see your new one
  6. your hologram is GORGEOUS!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!
    I think I love the Petrol.
  7. Saich --

    She's a beauty, and the collection looks wonderful, as always!

  8. Ooo she's lovely! Congrats on your new addition!:party: :yahoo:
    Which one I like the most? Well how can I possibly choose from all those delicious spies?! But I think the honey wisteria and the hologram is breathtaking. And the cherry spy of course is divine:girlsigh:
  9. Saich, after you get the green spy, all you need is one more to be able to wear a spy for each day of the week! That's a reason to buy yet another spy in our world, right? :graucho:
  10. That is a PERFECT hologram spy. Can't beleive what a beautiful condition it's in.

    OMG, Saich, this sight takes the breath away. Many of us imagine this is what awaits us in Heaven:angel: , if we've been reeeeeeeeeeally good, we get roll around in this many lovely Spy bags.:girlsigh:

  11. So glad you love the hologram Deco and my collection, but I have a long way to go before I am up to you beautiful Balenciaga bag collection which is out of this world

    Fatefullolus - I should have one for everyday of the week, I am meant to be getting the Limited Edition Black/sequin spy - I shall stop then.....hehe maybe
  12. I adore it! She is the light of your gorgeous family :smile:

  13. Saich,

    Your original collection makes me crazy!! It is so beautiful. Your colors are the ones that inspired me to start searching for my very own Spy.

    Your new baby is TDF!!! You have amazing style......

    I have a Honey on hold at Neimans...I'm going to see her tomorrow.

    Do you carry your Honey very often?
  14. Saich! Congrats, I so wanna Be you! A beautifull English classy Queen of spy bags!:graucho:

    YOU ARE SO MY HERO.:yes:

    I'm really really happy for you!!! congratulations sweetie!:wlae:
  15. omg....nowi def want more spys, screw it im back on the prowl.

    your spy is STUNNING saich i cant get over it. its breathtaking , congrats :yahoo: