"Meet the Mabels" email from Mulberry

  1. Got this in my email today. Looks like Mulberry is heavily marketing this bag ....

  2. Got the email... was floored by the price! The bags are beautiful, though.
  3. I LOVE the maxi Mabel, but I find the price a turn off. Is it me, or are Mulberry upping their price range?
  4. Gosh, they're plain.. and they don't look very 'Mulberry' to me.. :wondering
  5. I really like the maxi mabel - think it could be their next 'big' bag!
  6. Sorry but I find these so very dull - to my view there is definitely a downward trend in designs this year.
  7. :yahoo:I'm waiting for the patent chocolate mabel to hit the stores which should be sometimes this week. It's a while since a bag made me put my name down on a wait list - not since the first Paddington ads but I've got the ads of the Mulberry Mabel on my fridge door just to assure myself I won't get fed up of it within a month. But I think it's gonna be a big hit this Fall with patent being so in-fashion.
  8. Cool! The chocolate patent one is really pretty. Post pics when you get it. :tup:
  9. Wow. These are very beautiful. I love them! Especially that purple Maxi Mabel - its on my wishlist already :tup: