Meet The Family (Finally!)

  1. It took a long time but I finally charged the battery in my camera and here is a nice family portrait of the kids. Each very special, each very much loved.

    Ink Day, Black City, Black Twiggy, Ponyhair Olive First:
    Bags 008.jpg Bags 002.jpg Bags 004.jpg Bags 009.jpg Bags 010.jpg
  2. You have a beautiful "family", acute!!! :heart:
  3. Beauty family!
  4. That's one really good looking family!
  5. acutemark, love your family portrait!! :heart:
    Thanks for sharing!!
  6. LOVE your family pic!!!! :love:
  7. Love all you children!!!
  8. Sweet....
  9. wow acute! lovely bags!
  10. Love:love: your family ... can't wait for mine to grow someday!
  11. Love it! I love seeing b-bags in family portraits!
  12. Nice-looking family!
  13. Nice collection! Love the ink Day, and the black City is just so classic:smile:)
  14. i :heart: pics of b-bag familys!!! your pic is so beautiful!!! totally love the black twiggy!
  15. Two b-bags in black even! How do you like the ponyhair First? Does it get dirty easily or shed?