Meet the Chanel UGLY sister........

  1. OK, not really ugly though..... but I know how some of you ladies (me included feel about the Paris-Biarritz (PB) Range. I too felt that some of these bags looked like diaper bags haha, but after being caught in the rain one too many times with my chanel I decided enough was enough. What was the point of having so many nice Chanels when they always had to sit in the cupboard whenever it was raining. Trust me being in the UK means it rains enough times over here.

    So I was browsing through Chanel (on yet another raining day) when I saw the PB range again and decided to get one as one of those chuck around, don't care where it sits Chanel bags. I know she may look a bit ugly to you guys but it is actually a really comfortable lightweight bag. I decided to get the medium hobo as it sits comfortably on my shoulder (the large tote with 2 handles was a bit awkward under the arm and one handle kept slipping off). It is the matt finish canvas from last season (not the shiny one from this season)

    What do you guys think?(do be honest!!!!) I posted an action pic because I haven't seen any pics of the PB medium hobo yet on the forum.

    Should we never go Chanel shopping in the rain???
    chanel 001.jpg chanel 002.jpg chanel 003.jpg
  2. It looks cute on you, and if you live in a rain prone climate, whay not have a nice Chanel bag that can withstand the elements?

    Congrats on a cool bag!
  3. You are too funny:nuts:, the bag is very practical esp. in your country (I'm so glad I live in California and dont have to worry about the RAIN), but enough ,if you are feeling this bag..hey it's worh every penny, right?, btw is not ugly. Congrats!:tup:
  4. LOL. my dad wanted to get this for my mom (aka me, since we share half of our bags) but I THANK GOD I MANAGED TO CONVINCE HIM INTO THE ENVELOPE. i just couldn't feel for this bag, unless it is in gold with the pink trim.

    i think it's a very great everyday bag, for stay-home moms who have to run errands and look after kids and working ladies, good for travelling too IMO. i'm none of them lol so i don't feel for the bag. it looks like a diaper bag imho but very roomy and spacious and water resistant!

    i would get this for my mom in the future if i ever see it :biggrin: i think you should keep it! use it when you run errands and especially on rainy days! my mom has this pink caviar patchwork basket bag which she uses for errands and everyday-bag.

    it's not that ugly, afterall, it's a chanel ;)

  5. I totally understand where you're coming from... Here in the Netherlands with fall just beginning, hardly a day I could take my chanel with me... I just don't wanna take a chance on her in the rain. I actually have my eye on a LV for the same reason, just to spare my cc-babies.
    The PB is a very classy alternative also. Def.not ugly, but a classy all-weather bag ;)
  6. Thanks DD101, the graceful1 and Roxana for your kind comments, it is a good runaround bag and in the UK I've actually spotted more people with the PB line around London than any other Chanel ligne! Ladydeluxe I appreciate your honesty and your right I think this would be good for travelling as well, and seeing as I am a SAHM suits me fine for running errands and rainy days when my other Chanels just feel too Glam!
  7. I don't think the PB hobo is ugly at all! In fact, I've seen some very chic looking young ladies carrying the black and the silver. I'd like to get the silver sometime soon too. :yes:
    It looks great on you, too! :tup:
  8. Hi Syma,

    Well, I think it looks really nice when modelled, its definately the sort of bag that looks so much better being carried than sat down :smile:

    I really like it, and as you say, its great to have a bag that you can use in our bad weather, without feeling to precious (I have been using my caviar GST, and thats holding up fab too ;), in the rain!)

    Congrats, me likey, Cinderella shall go to the ball ;) :biggrin:
  9. I have the medium size Paris-Biarritz tote and use it for work and dragging around. I don't think they are ugly at all! I think they are a great looking, functional bag!! :yes:
  10. I think its really cute. Can i ask how much it was? I would love something like that, as i have hardly used my Chanel since i got it, because of the rain. And why shouldn't we be chic in the rain!! :tup:
  11. YAY! another Uker who feels my pain about the British weather. It was £675!
  12. I'm glad to hear you GST is holding up well in the rain Chloebabe, I have one too, but the Chanel SA said that while Caviar is certainly durable, you should be careful with all leather bags in the rain, plus I worry about the open sides and getting their contents wet.

    I carried a nylon prada around for a few years, but now bits of the strap have fallen off and then I carried a longchamp pliage for a few months but miss my special Chanel bags! I hope the PB hold up well, when it rains here it buckets down!
  13. Syma, I have this image of us bumping into each other protecting our bags in the rain, and not worrying about ourselves at all, protect the bag before ourselves at all costs :biggrin:!!!!
  14. I really like it actually. I think it's simple but cute. It looks really easy to take care of. I think it's a smart buy!
  15. Oh my, I love that bag, upon first looking at it. Thats what I want next. LOVE IT! How much do they run?