Meet Tara, my new puppy!

After being almost 5 months without a dog, my mom and I picked up this pup last Saturday. Not so smart to get a puppy during finals week, but hey! :nuts: We couldn't leave without her! She is a 4 month old bichon and ADORABLE. She loves EVERYONE and has such a sweet personality.

I just love when she sits like this!

Here we were trying to get a Christmas card photo of her under the tree with the Gator toy, but it didn't work out. We ended up using the one of her in her bed above!



Aug 26, 2006
North Carolina
Tara is a cutie pie! She makes a lovely accessory on the sofa. We've had dogs who stretch out their hind legs like that--she must be fairly limber. She's lucky to be in a great home!