meet sunshine! the singing canary!

  1. [​IMG]


    awwww. hes so cute!
    i love him so much!
  2. (oops. sorry about the blurry pics!)
  3. Cute!
  4. I used to breed canaries. German warblers. Mostly mahogany varigated. Your yellow one is such a happy color.

    They can split their voices into two separate simulataneous melody lines. Beautiful songs.

    We canary lovers know how their prettiness and songs make a house beautiful.

    Congratultions on having such a sweet friend!
  5. thanks! i just learned that voice splitting part a couple of minutes ago!
    hes such fun, and i think i will be able to train him!
    we already bought him a brand new cage!
    i love getting new pets! :nuts: :nuts:
  6. What a beautiful bird!
  7. :heart: :heart: :heart: your birdie !!!! I have a Blue & Gold Macaw:smile:
  8. awwww so pretty!! love it!!
  9. Very pretty!!!
  10. oooh! you do?
    ive always wanted a big bird, but i dont htink i could handle them!
    i have finger issues (the tip of my finger came off it a door:wtf:) so im scared of being bitten!
    i absolutely love macaws! my favorite is the hyacinth macaw!
  11. awww how cute!!!!!!
  12. Aww, what a handsome lil' guy! I had a canary named Rio that I had for years. He eventually passed away, but he was a great bird and it was always lovely to hear him sing. :smile:
  13. i just love lisening to his voice, but i think my other birds are feeling jealous!
    they cant sing that beautifully, and im trying to tell my parents to stop fawning over him so much...its really bothering my other babies.