Meet Simone?

  1. I know that many of you sounds like a total blast!!

    I can't seem to find a list of upcoming events, though...does anyone know if there ARE any? i sure hope so!! :sad:
  2. i think on the website there may be a list of upcoming events. check
  3. I'll never get to meet him. Good thing cuz I get nervous around famous people.:wtf:

    I think he;s actually kind of cute though.:nuts: :heart: :graucho:
  4. I hope JapanLA does another party... he went to the last one :smile: it'd be nice just to chill instead of being in a massive line of people waiting just for signatures
  5. i heard he'll be heading to valley fair sometime in april/may and something about riverside in april...i'm going down south then so i'm hoping it'll be that same weekend!
  6. if you go to the riverside one i might be there! lol i think i might skip class if it's on a weekday and drag my bf along :smile: if it's on a weekend i'm dragging my mommy :smile:

  7. ooo bubbles keep me updated on valley fair if you hear anything else! I need to get all my new stuff signed!!! :graucho:
  8. Hazelnut, Bubblesung: Do you think SImone will come to Macy's or Nordies in VF? Because they dont even have a proper table to set up toki bags in Nordies. But , I hope he comes to VF though :O)
  9. You all are so lucky to get to meet Simone. You should go if you can. He is so nice.
  10. I stoped by Nordies at Vf about 2 weekends ago and there was a sign up sheet in the handbags dept for a Tokidoki thing going on. i did talk to one of the SA and she said they dont know when it will be but put my name and number down and they will call me. it should be in May i think
  11. juli - I have no idea! I don't care... although I guess I would prefer whomever had a better sale on tokidoki that weekend! haha. usually the store plans on it and gets more stock in before the signing though. or they ought to... heck! they want to make money off us tokidoki freaks right?!! :supacool:
  12. Annabellet: Do you mean the signing event or the amore release?
    i didn't know there is a sign up sheet. So annabellet, please let me know if you heard from nordie VF about upcoming tokidoki events. Thanks in advance.

    Hazelnut: Do they usually give deals on the weekends of the signing? How can you buy things when you have to queue up ?? I wonder ??
  13. julicrystal - i think its a signing event. ill surely let you all know whenever i hear something from Nordies event on this.
  14. not necessarily, but at the macy's signing last year in SF, it also happened to be the weekend macy's was doing 20% off all handbags, so I got two bags at pretty good discount. I think it's best to go there early if you want to try to buy something, so there's more selection. I went early to the SF macy's signing and bought my bags, and then stood in line. It woulda been easier if I had gone w/more ppl, I guess, so you could hold a place in line, but I was 4th or 5th in line anyway so it didn't matter much to me.

    btw- I know there are a bunch of us in bay area, we should have a tokidoki GTG at/after the signing!!!
  15. hahaha.. sure..So how early should you get there? 2-3 hours? I am sure it will be fun !