Meet Raven....

  1. here's my baby: ;)
    IMG_0258.JPG IMG_0439.JPG IMG_0564.JPG
  2. So cuuuuuute wow, love to you and your dog :heart:!
  3. So precious!
  4. He's cute! and so little!!
  5. Sooooo cute!!!!
  6. So cute.. love the name!
  7. Looks like Raven has quite a nice wardrobe! He's adorable!
  8. What a cutie! Lucky dog to have a great home and an extensive wardrobe!!
  9. OMG wht a cutie!! i want a puppy too...
  10. Raven is a cute Yorkie!
  11. Sooooooooooo cute!!Love the shirt...I sooo want that for my male chi!!!
  12. thank you guys for the nice comments about Raven... btw, here's more pics of him, the last picture is of Keira (raven's daughter)...:p
    IMG_0900.JPG IMG_1844.JPG 01222007273-001.jpg
  13. Aww. . Yorkies are so adorable!
  14. So cute.
  15. Aaaw, what a cutie :love: congrats:smile: