Meet Olive Phoebe - here she is!

  1. Sorry to have taken so long to post pics. It's been one of those weeks....

    Anyway, here is olive Phoebe. Bought from the factory shop at Shepton for £297. An absolute bargain I've decided as this is such a great bag. The two straps actually stay on my shoulder. She's capacious yet stylish and the gives A/W outfits a bit of zing.
    Phoebe 2.JPG olive Phoebe.JPG Phoebe 3.JPG Phoebe 4.JPG
  2. Gorgeous :tup: I love the olive leather.
  3. Gosh I'm so glad I gave you the idea of buying this colour - its lovely.

    I just wish that I could get mine now (also, don't keep telling everybody how much of a bargain it was - they'll all get one and there won't be any left for me!!!!! Ha!)
  4. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO How gorgeous is that? You lucky thing,what an absolute steal for such a gorgeous bag!! Well done!! And yes, don't remind me again how much!! I seriously must not be tempted again this side of 2009!!! I have just taken delivery of a Babington that Flyvetjo put me onto from an outlet,its gorgegeous!I'm having to wait for my camera batteries to re-charge so I can post pics,the wait is soooooooooo frustrating!!!
    But once again,well done,gorge color! Congratulations!!!XXXXXXXXXXXX
  5. Awww, she is a real beauty! Thanks for posting the piccies. Gorgeous colour. Reminds me of vintage, quite unusual colour and great for autumn and winter. Congrats! That's ideed a steal at this price. Well done! :tup:
  6. Thanks for posting pics, sarajane :drool:. I was just coming on here to confirm that I've ordered mine :yahoo: They received my £147 credit note this morning and I've only had to pay £150 extra - now that's a bargain! Particularly as I renewed our house insurance this week and managed to save £110 (plus £30 cashback ;)) by shopping around for quotes. DH said I can put it towards my bag fund :love: so REALLY I've only got to find £10 to pay for the bag :tup:

    I'd been avoiding buying any olive darwin as I'd intended to get an olive Roxanne at some point but I'm thinking more and more that the Roxanne is just too heavy for me. It is such a beautiful colour :heart: can't wait until it arrives.

    Sorry for hijack, sj, but it is on topic :yes:
  7. Chaz - Congrats on your new Babington. So glad you love it as it's always a risk when you haven't seen the bag IRL. Looking forward to the pics.

    Ditab - Great news about your new Phoebe especially as it only cost you £10!! :roflmfao:
    I really hope you love it. Let us know what you think when it arrives and we'll want pics!
    I agree about Roxanne. I know a lot of people love it but it's just too bulky and heavy for me, too much going on somehow. I love the clean, curvy lines of Phoebe. I just don't think it's going to date.
  8. congrats! love that olive colour. :smile:
  9. Gorgeous!!!!!
  10. Love that bag sarajane! I'm thinking my next bag may just have to be Olive!!!
  12. I have to say...............under three hundred quid for an olive Phoebe, a gorgeous bag,divine color, steal of a price AND its a Mulberry whats not to adore............I CAN'T have anymore bags this least!!!! But at that price,for that would be rude not to.........would'nt it???
  13. ...... and welcome to the Mulberry forum!!! We'll justify any purchase - it's an amazing price for a Phoebe (as sj said, it's been £416 for so long and that's always been a bit too high for me) and the olive is a stunning, neutral colour; plus, it's discontinued.

    However, for the sake of your marriage.... walk away from the phone, there'll be other deals :yes:
  14. I think(no,I know) you're right,there will be other deals,summertime may be good for a color like that,my bank balance may have come out of a coma by then!! AND,as much as I love a bargain,I love Andy even more(even though he does mercilessly take the p**s out of me!!) I flippantly mentioned the other day that I could do with another bag but in black..................................his strangled reply of 'you've got loads of bags already' led me to keep my mouth shut about the Babington I got the day before...................oops!!
  15. :heart::heart::heart: it! :tup: