Meet my problematic Kelly 40 Clemence

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  1. Hi everyone...

    I would like to introduce my black Kelly Clemence in 40 CM.
    He looks good doesnt he... he is about 7 years old.
    I dont use him often but being a clemence, he just looks tired (chillax) all the time.

    I sent him for a rejuvenating spa weekend (6 months) and he came back with better color and re did his wax job.

    I thought that would get him all prepped up for a great career upgrade to be my regular work assistant.

    But he started giving me problems again....

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  2. Suddenly i felt there was something sticking out from the underside of the flap.
    its like the boning or structure of the top handle.

    Its just really awkward. its not visible. but you can touch and feel. and you know its there so you keep feeling for it whenever you open the bag hoping to push it away or move it back to where it belongs.
    Its like there are lumps under his skin ... sigh...

    i don't understand why it became this way. i wanna go back to the hermes boutique where i got it spa-ed. but i just feel so embarrassed keep sending away my sick bag and i dont know if i want to wait another 6 months for his treatment.

    Its really bothering me. Hermes is supposed to be a quality bag but this bag has been giving me problems. its like he is the unfortunate one. one of the reason he went for spa was because his strap was majorly out of shape due to nature of its leather.

    Anyone having clemence bigger sized kelly with the same issue? please help me check around.
    any advice or similar cases would be appreciated.

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  3. I would send him back ASAP, that way they can't say you have "overworked" him by making him carry a heavy load. Though it might take awhile to get him back, better get it fixed whilst he's still in good shape vs worse for the wear.
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  4. I have never seen anything like this before.
    Please do send it back to the spa.
  5. Are there two spots or lumps? Or just the lighting? Very curious about what is inside the flap.
  6. they are like lumps. not rounded but like a folded hard board out of placed inside.
  7. I am mystified. I would definitely take the bag back to Hermes; this is not okay, but should certainly be reparable.
  8. i got the same problem before, they accidentally left a metal feet in there, they need to be taken out before making permanent marks to the send it back quickly
  9. Yes, this makes sense. Sort of the Hermes equivalent of leaving a sponge in a patient--not good!
  10. i hope that spa would be able to take care of it
    hopefully they wont make you wait another 6months since its their fault that you need to resend her back
  11. hahaha you are right.... that's the best analogy so far!
  12. hi Everyone. thanks for the advice and encouragements. will send it back for a consultation!