Meet my Pièce de Résistance (Balenciaga)...

  1. Salut mon cheri! I'm new here and I've decided to share my Balenciaga collection (quite small, unfortunately since I'm a late starter. I only got my first Balenciaga City last F/W in Paris) and my newly acquired Rouge City of F/W 2007!!! Wooot. Talk about hotness. I'm not sure what the actual name of the color is but I know it's rouge... something. If anyone knows, kindly enlighten me, merci beaucoup! :heart:

    PS: I am dyyyying to get my hands on the Magenta! Anyone who knows where to get it, please let me know! I've missed it once, I can't miss it againnn :sad:

    (Apologies if the photos are huge, I tried to make them as big as possible so you baggers can see them clearly!)


    My 3 lovely Balenciagas yummyyy!

    Will post more of my Rouge City bag the next time! :smile:


    My FIRST BALENCIAGA LOVE! From F/W 2006. Never will I abandon her! She's so beautiful, even after I've overused (oooops I toured with her the entire europe) her! The grey is sooo beautiful, the color goes with eveerrrything!


    My yummy Marine Blue Gold H/W Brief S/S 2007.
    I've used it a few times (maybe less than 10) and it's a great eyecatcher but I find the h/w a tad too heavy! I'm FOR the city bag with tassles anytime anyday :heart:

    Tell me what you think! :heart:

    Love ya bagfans,
  2. God!!! Very Nice Red Bag!!!
  3. Thanks!! It's really a lush red color, irl. I don't even know how to describe! In bright light, it's a hot wow red, in darker places it turns a darker shade of red. It's just wonderful! :smile:
  4. :tup: Nice collection!!! I like that grey... greige??? Pretty :heart:
  5. Congrats ladydeluxe, modelling picture pls. I m thinking of the same color too but am waiting on the violet too.
  6. Very nice... thanks for sharing... cute Prada Skull charm :yes:
  7. very nice collection!
  8. I don't know! Do you know the actual name of the color? It's grey but it's a light shade of grey (darkens due to usage)!

    I hope to get my hands on the magenta!!! :smile:)
  9. Okay! I actually posted me carrying it in Monaco somewhere... I forgot the thread. I think I'll post some here! I haven't carried my rogue city bag yet. I just got it a few days back. :graucho:

    Which color have you been thinking? I saw violet but I think it's gonna be a difficult color for me, it's a fab color though!!
  10. Me with my first bbag in Monaco :smile: I travelled with it throughout Europe and it is such an awesome roomy bag! :heart:

  11. congrats !!! it's beautiful! i've got the same bag and i love it!!!!

    ps: welcome to the pf
  12. Yayyy!! We've got the same hot bag!! Thank you for welcoming meee :heart:

    Post your modelling pictures with the same bag here! I'll post mine too heee

    ps: do you think the h/w bags are heavy? I think they're really quite heavy.
  13. My goodness, look at the leather on the grey, i love it so much :nuts::love: I am drooling seeing your collection here. I love your taste and the Rouge and the Marine is sooo lovely. I do think Marine looks great with GGH. The skull charm is absolutely cute too
  14. Lady, I love your greige bag (and all your bags). Would you kindly share where you got your skull charm? I love it!
  15. Wow! What a gorgeous collection and I love the picture of you on your travels with ur grey bbag! That leather on ur city is absolutement TDF (too die for!) you must hold onto that one forever like u said! I love love ur skull u mind sharing where u got it from? :heart::love:

    Welcome to the bal subforum and tPF! You will love it here!