Meet my PCE purchase!

  1. Here's my addition...Sorry the pics are kind of blurry.
  2. Ooooh nice! I LOVE Carly!!! I have a medium chocolate one! :smile:
  3. Nice!
  4. Congrats on your new purchase! I so love the carly, but it just doesn't fit my body. I need the med. size with the lg size shoulder strap--that would be PERFECT!!! I want some longer shoulder straps (anyone listening at coach?). Not really long, like a crossbody style, but longer than most of them are now!!

  5. Lovely!!
  6. great buys!! congrats...enjoy the carly, and i love that wristlet!!
  7. Very pretty! Carly is a very popular lady!
  8. Mmmm, Carly, congrats! It's beautiful! :smile:
  9. NICE... I have the same wristlet. ENJOY!!!
  10. Congrats I love the color
  11. :huh::huh:o The Carlyyyy:love: Congrats!!
  12. Congrats!! Now I want a Carly, lol! :p
  13. I love it!
  14. Cute stuff!! Carly is such a gorgeous bag!

    Amy - some others have gotten extra clips and Ace Hardware and added them onto their Carly bags to lengthen the strap. It seems to work really well, you could give that a try. I would hate for you to miss out on Carly's beauty!!
  15. Great finds! Congrats on your purchases!!!