Meet My Newest Bags! Pics!!!

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I posted a while ago that I had purchased the Softy Faridah in Camouflage. After buying the camouflage, I totally fell head over heels for the Softy Faridah and bought a second one in

    Introducing the Softy Faridah sisters! (Don't mind that the camouflage looks so flat in the first pic - it's empty and the chalk is currently stuffed FULL with all my junk). Camouflage was purchased via Nordies (full price) and Chalk was purchased via Neiman Marcus (on sale for $299!!!)

    Sorry the pics took SOOOO LONG! I am totally lazy when it comes to taking pictures and uploading!
    Twins.resize.jpg Camouflage.resize.jpg Chalk.resize.jpg
  2. Yikes! just noticed that the shape of the chalk (in the solo pic) looks really distorted the way I have it positioned...hehee...
  3. Thanks, mrqx2!!! If I see the camo faridah anywhere, I'll let you know. Have you tried calling Nordies customer service? they are super helpful and can try and locate the bags in-store for you if they are no longer available online. Someone posted a while ago that the Softy tote was like 30% off at Nordies (in-store). I contacted customer service looking for chalk (which they said was completely sold out everywhere), but maybe they can find a camo if that's what you're looking for? Anyway, good luck and I'll keep an eye out for you!
  4. congrats!! i especially like the chalk color!
  5. drools, both are gorgeous
  6. I love the Faridah bags. The Chalk is great for summer! What a great price, too. Congrats!
  7. very pretty - congrats!
  8. congrats!! they are both gorgeous!!
  9. Oh wow they are both beautiful.Congrats!
  10. Thanks, everyone!:yahoo: