Meet My New Silver Mahala

  1. This is going to be my first attempt to post with pictures:confused1: .I wanted to share with you my new jimmy choo mahala:heart: . If i can get this post right I will take more pictures.
  2. Gorgeous bag!!! Congrats.
  3. It's stunning! Congrats!
  4. So pretty!
  5. That is very pretty!
  6. Wow! Congrats. :yes: I love Jimmy Choo bags. I hope you enjoy yours.

    Is the color called silver? (I didn't realize the Mahala came in silver.) Or is that the one they've named "champagne"?
  7. More pictures.The first picture is my new silver mahala with her little sister maddy.The second one is the mahala alone.
    mahala and maddy.jpg silver mahala.jpg
  8. Love them. Good luck with your purchase!
  9. So cute! Enjoy!
  10. OMG, you've also got the red Maddy from F/W 06? That's a great bag. :yes: The Mahalas/Maddys sold out very quickly in that color.


  11. yum, great bags!!!
  12. Thank you all so much!Cosmopolitan,the mahala I have is the silver from cruise.It was not featured in print ads and is only available in jc boutiques. My JC SA found one for me in coral gables. You are so right about the red in these bags.JC Orlando got two red Mahalas and a lady walked in and bought BOTH for her two daughters!They were snatched up quickly.Good luck with getting us a JC subforum.It would be alot of fun.
  13. I've got my fingers crossed. ;)
  14. Gorgeous bags!!
  15. Love the silver!