Meet my new purchase

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  1. A trip to mulberry in York resulted in the below. I'm absolutely over the moon xxx

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  2. It's a large Cara Delevingne in camo printed goat and Cara Delevingne IPhone camo print goat.

    They are both dark blue which is hard to tell on the pics.

    I got the phone case for £10 as they had an offer on. Couldn't say no 😀😀 xx
  3. Love the midnight blue/nickel hardware combo. I have the medium, and the leather is fabulous! Enjoy :smile:
  4. Hey that's a great bag!! Congrats and enjoy!
  5. Thank you xx
  6. Hi Sarah, Love, love, love your Cara, isn't it just fab, I've just bought one too and I simply love it as I know you will too. I only picked mine up on Wednesday and I've yet to use her but I'm looking forward to getting out in the better weather and giving her some decent outings. Hope you really enjoy her, she's lovely.
  7. Ooh, she's lovely! I'm afraid (for my bank balance) that the Cara's are growing on me...
  8. Thank you

    I've got to admit when they first came out I didn't like them at all. I went to get a sbs or bays tote. The only sbs they had was in camomile and was surprisingly smaller than I anticipated. They didn't have any bays totes.

    I was just browsing and fell in love on sight. I don't think the mulberry website does them any justice at all. It's absolutely gorgeous. So versatile. I can wear as a back pack (which I probably would never do), over shoulder, hand held or across body. I'll use the cross body when out shopping to free up my hands. It's a lovely size too, holds all my things and room for more.

    I can't actually believe I own one. So so happy 😍😍
  9. I'm afraid I'm to impatient to wait for good weather and I'm using mine straight away. They are gorgeous bags. Enjoy yours. Do you have a picture? Xx
  10. Congratulations :smile: goatskin is tdf, I think she'll grow even more lovely as you use her
  11. Congrats

    I was there today too..didn't think the selection was great...i bought a few SLGs a d apart from me there was just a lady buying a somerset in the shop

    Phone cases were all fab bargains at £10.
  12. Yeah I felt the selection was pretty limited today, they seemed to have a lot of light colours which arnt for me.

    When I found out about the tote and sbs I did think id be leaving empty handed, although my main reason for going was to get my Alexa checked out which I did. I just turned round and there was my cara. I loved it before I'd even picked it up.

    I might be being a bit think but what's are SLG's?? Xx
  13. Thank you x
  14. Lol sorry small leather goods.. Got some phone cases ipad cases and a notebook cover
  15. Congrats on your lovely cara!