Meet My New Puppy *pics*

  1. I got her last Wednesday when she was 6 weeks old. She's my first Golden Retriever and we just love her to death. However, my 6 year old yellow lab needs some adjustment time! LOL

    A few weeks ago I posted suggestions for her name. I really wanted a one syllable name and had a hard time coming up with one. My husband came up with "Banff" which is where we go skiing every year. Then that led to the boys coming up with all the names of the ski runs on Lake Louise. "Pika" seemed like the best one and it is a little Canadian mouse rabbit!

    Here she is: Pika!

    Here is the owner/breeder's website if anyone is interested. She breeds for temperment and obedience. Many OTCH Champion dogs: Tanbark Golden Retrievers

  2. Ahh....Maxter...those are great pics...and he is gorgeous! Happy training!! xx
  3. How adorable!
  4. Awww...she's adorable :love: Congrats!!
  5. Oh my goodness she is totally precious!!

  6. How unbelievably precious he is!!! I want want too...only I'm not home enough to give a pup the time and attention he needs! Someday........
  7. that last pic is :tender:!!!
  8. She is so cute and I really like the name. Very unique. When I got my second dog it took my first dog a week or so to get used to him then they became really good friends.
  9. Hi Pika! *waves hello* You are so so so so cute! Katie (the golden who owns me) would love playing with you! Enjoy puppyhood, it's still some of the best days of my life! I seriously love seeing the world through the eyes of a puppy... helps you remember how special everything is around you!
  10. Aaaaw, what a cutie :love:
  11. aaaawww those are some adorable pictures! :love: CUTE!
  12. Ohhh *love* so gorgeous and cute!! and I loved the stuffed animal too! heheh
  13. Sooooooooooooooooo cute.
  14. OMG she is soooo sooo sooo cute! My dutchie is 3 and I want another puppy, but the DH said H-E-LL NO! Happy training!
  15. Beautiful! I love Goldens.