Meet my new orange mini (plus a mini question)

  1. I just received my new mini classic (and I love it!) The color is exactly as pictured. I also have a question for other mini owners. How long is the drop on your strap and how do you get the strap to double up so it can be shorter? I've looked at pics and cant figure it out.

    It is Chanel's dark orange lambskin/patent leather.
  2. oh my gaw! that is stunning!! congrats!! as for the strap i am no help!
  3. I LOOOOOVE that orange! What an excellent choice!:drool:
  4. Linda,

    What a gorgeous color!!!!!:love: I am no help with how to double the strap on this one :shrugs: were the one who told me how to shorten the strap on my Jumbo!!!! :p
  5. OMG congratulations!!! Its gorgeous!!

    Does it come in the medium classic size?? what other colors beside orange?
  6. I'm not sure what other sizes it comes in but I wanted a mini for the hands free part. It holds the same as an east west, which isnt a whole lot, but its great for light days. Im so glad I got this orange one because I was trying to add a boost of color to my chanel bags. The fact that its patent is great since its lambskin. Lambskin is generally so fragile but with the patent coating it makes it so durable.
  7. Luccibag, you have such a beautiful collection of bags and another pretty one to your collection! So when is the baby coming?
  8. I love the vibrant orange color, congrats!! :smile:

  9. lovely color, love it!
  10. gorgeous color!
  11. OOOH--love the orange!!! It's beautiful!!! CONGRATS!

    I have black hair, and I always think I look like a Halloween caricature when I wear orange. :sad:
  12. Baby is coming on Monday!!! Induction appointment is set! Baby is over 8 pounds already. Time to go! No way can I wait another 2 weeks.
  13. Congratulations! Do you have a name picked out yet? Our 3rd was a month early so we didn't even have a name until they told us we could go home. So we told we needed a few more hours because we didn't want to go home with just "babyboy".
    Wow, 8 pounds already! You can't wait another minute. Please post pics of the baby! good luck!
  14. Thanks 25medina. His name is Justin (and he's bringin sexy back!) LOL.
  15. that is such a cute chanel!!! Congrats on your new bag and your baby!!!