Meet my new Medallion Tote!

  1. I can hardly believe I won this DARK BROWN:nuts:Medallion tote on eBay for $776.22 including shipping!:yahoo: A special thanks to Michele for helping out with the hologram (year 2003) and Jenn (clk55girl) for eagle-eyeing the photos for detail.:heart:

    It is in incredible condition with only a minimal amount of wear on the bottom piping, bottom base, and handles. A good dose of Leather CPR conditioner helped soften the wear on these areas. The handles still stand up perfectly straight and do not need to be criss-crossed to stay up. The handles also seem a bit longer than newer models (or perhaps stretched with use), making for a very comfortable shoulder fit. It is Made in Italy (for you Medallion owners who may want that scoop!) and holds my essentials comfortably, although I will take care not to overstuff it as I can definitely see what owners of this tote mean about the bottom of the handles being delicate where they are sewn into the body. It feels like the stuffing could move upward and separate, causing the handles to flop.

    I took some solo photos as well as a side by side with my dark brown Cerf tote without flash, and a couple of modeling shots.

    My tote shelf is almost full, so this may be it for awhile!

  2. Roey, it's a beauty and the color is so pretty - what an amazing deal. Actually I like the uniqueness of the browns on both the cerf and the medallion.

    As you know I love your taste in bags, and I know the medallion will fit right in with your gorgeous collection on your shelf.

    P.S. It looks great on you. Enjoy!!!
  3. Congrats on getting a great deal on a great bag! :tup:
  4. :yahoo: Congrats roey! She's beautiful! Great deal too, love that brown!
  5. oh my goodness! i'm so jealous! how do you girls find such awesome deals?!?!
  6. Congrats Roey, that's a fantastic deal!!! Love the colour! Year 03 and it still looks great! Looks right at home next to your cerf :tup:
  7. congrats roey!! you know, i was watching that bag too! i was rushing home (had 26 monutes to spare) for the auction but before getting into my car, a lady had started talking to me about a dead rat in her apartment and went on and on... and on. So, in short, i didnt want to be inpolite and leave and i ended up getting home after the auction ended. i was so shocked to see it only ended at 776! so congrats, it is sooo pretty~
  8. Congrats!, and I'm glad you won! I noticed it on eBay and I thought your winning bid was just incredible:yahoo:
  9. sweet_pees: I am sorry you missed the end of the auction but you may have outbid me!:sweatdrop: My max was only $885. I told myself I did not want to spend over $900 and shipping was $14.99, so I bid $885, thinking for sure someone would come along and snipe it from me at the last second! When that didn't happen I practically fell out of my chair, seeing that I was the winning bidder!

    I have to admit being leary of the photos in terms of condition, especially the inside, but the inside looked so much better IRL! The seller could not get a clear picture of the hologram in an email I asked her to send but despite that, I had a good feeling based on our discussions that she wasn't trying to hide something with the blurry photos and was simply a poor photographer.
  10. that's a great price! it looks so pretty
  11. WOW!!!What a buy.....that is a great bargain and the bag is gorgeous, love the brown shade., and somehow it looks larger to me than the current medalions.....enjoy her, she is stunning......:heart:H
  12. Fantastic deal roey!!!!!! You have such a great collection!
  13. I love that colour ... I have a thing lately for chocolate brown. And congrats on getting it for such a deal.
  14. It looks so delicious! It was nice meeting your new medallion tote :biggrin:
  15. Wow, such a GREAT deal for a FABULOUS bag! Congrats roey!