Meet my new Louis!!!

  1. Hi Everyone!

    So I'm dying to show off my brand new Louis. Meet my Lockit Horizontal! I went to the 5th Avenue LV in Manhattan over the weekend with the intention of buying either the Speedy 35 or the Batignolles Horizontal, when I got sidetracked by the Lockit Horizontal. I tried it on and I fell in LURRRVE, even though this bag is gi-normous on me! I'm 5'3 and I'm a size 0 and the bag is like 17 inches wide.

    So I finally knocked the Speedy 35 out of my consideration set, so it came down to the Lockit and Batignolles. The 2 SAs who were helping me kept egging me towards the Lockit and we kept going over the pros and cons of both bags and my poor boyfriend who had to endure all of this was like omigod, you're like the big bag lady, like one of the Olsen twins.

    So it finally came down to functionality and I went with the Lockit because it has a zipper. But goodness, all that vachetta on the bottom! The bag is soo high-maintenance, kinda like me, ha!:wlae:

    Here she is! :yahoo:
    lockit.jpg lockit3.jpg lockit2.jpg

  2. Wow, I like it! Can you fit books, files, or binders inside of it? The bag certainly looks big enough to fit all of the above!
  3. Ohh It is soo HOT on you! Good job. I think you made an excellent choice!! I LOVE IT!
  4. Great looking bag. I hope your BF is ready for the future trips to LV that are certain to happen. :smile:
    *Congratulations* and Welcome to TPF & your new addiction.
  5. I love your choice. And when you fall in love, you know its the one!!! I'm so excited when people tell their height. I'm also 5"3. And it looks great on you. Aww your bf is so funny - and glad he waited. And that is nice he was with you. And so happy for you, congrats!!
  6. Yes, it has PLENTY of room to fit binders inside. Just today, I had a 1-inch binder, my notepad, my on-the-go makeup bag, my huge wallet, my Kenneth Cole heels for work. Yea, it can pack a ton!
  7. Love it! Great choice.

  8. LOL, thank you! This forum is my new addiction, my day is not complete if I don't go on here.

    and here's my confession, I work right across the street from Macy's (in Manhattan) which has an LV boutique and I go there WEEKLY. I swear, just once a week! :rolleyes: teeheheeh
  9. What a great choice! You wear the bag well. :smile:
  10. Looks great on you... I looooove oversized bags:smile:
  11. it looks great! congrats
  12. I think you made a great choice. The bag is lovely! Congrats!
  13. :nuts: Wow!!! Congrats!!! It's a beauty ( so are you) :love: !!! Looks great on you !!! Sure looks like it can fit in a lot of stuff:yes:. Is the handle comfy? What's the drop of the handles?!!! TIA:flowers:
  14. It looks fabulous on you!!! Congrats - very nice choice
  15. That bag never interested me but it looks so HOT on you! You give it this edgy look that I never saw in that style before.