Meet my new friend (reveal)

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  1. DH took my shopping yesterday he felt it's been rough on me and wanted to do something nice for me. So first stop H then a nice lunch.

    DH deserves credit too. He had patience (not a shopper) and helped me choose.
  2. and
  3. Looks like a gorgeous Kelly!!!
  4. 32 cm GHW black clemance, perfect size for me for a dinner bag.

    Only problem is I saw a GM shawl sous de cedre that I put on hold as DH was getting hungry and I didn't want to spend too much time. I figured i could go back and have a really good browse, had not been to H in 2 months
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    dh was kind to take these pics, some modeling pics
    PICT5886.jpg PICT5887.jpg
  6. and with her cousin Ms Birkin
    PICT5902.jpg PICT5903.jpg
  7. It looks great and the size is perfect! Congrats!
  8. Congrats on your beautiful Kelly- it looks great on you! Wear in good health!
  9. MissM, its gorgeous, it looks great on you.
    Such a classic and timeless H bag.
    What colourway of the Cedre, are you thinking of getting?
  10. Congrats on such a lovely kelly!!! A nice H family Duo!! What are the specs of the birkin??
    You have a dear Husband there!! Congrats again!!
  11. lovely Kelly and a lovelier husband. :heart:
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    Sorry, birkin is 35CM black, togo GHW, yes he is a good husband. He knows things have been rough on me, actually started about 2 years but last year was extremely hard.

    He usually doesn't go with me but he said, I want to see you happy right at the moment so he came with me and then took me to lunch as he knows that is a big trill for me to take my bag to lunch to extend the experience, I know I'm wiered.

    For the GM shawl, there is one left, I know I should get it, one left, right, it's a beautiful light ballet pink and a light blue and the tree is deep purple.

    thank you ladies and gents.
  13. aww congrats
    kelly looks sooo good on you!a perfect size
  14. MM, you are so NOT weird. You are talking to a bunch of people who obsess over handbags and do virtual high fives for scarf purchases!!! LOL. LOVE the bag...simply perfect. So glad you got this instead of the Constance. Kellys are the best. Everyone should have one, regardless of lifestyle. :yahoo::yahoo:
  15. Oh MissM she is gorgeous! I´m so happy for you. You really deserved something nice to cheer you up. You DH is a sweetheart.