Meet my new friend, Carly! (Modeling pics!)

  1. HI All,

    I know a lot of you already have a friend named Carly. But just wanted to introduce mine. I didn't think I would love her as much as I do. But I think she's great!:yahoo: I love having new friends! Thanks for taking a peek![​IMG]And one without me.....[​IMG]
  2. Shes beautiful!!

  3. Looks fantastic on you!
  4. Thanks Kimmie and Monkuro... I'm just so excited to have her! I had heard differing opinions but I know mine is:heart::love::heart::love:!!!!
  5. She looks so fab and happy on you!
  6. She is, of course, TDF gorgeous!! Enjoy!
  7. gorgeous!!! I got a new friend carly too... we're so lucky!

  8. Thank you! Yes, we are lucky!! Now I just need a new wallet, keyfobs, scarves, and a few other things and she'll be set!:shame: (Don't want her to be lonely!)
  9. btw.. what is the other item?
  10. Not sure what you mean? In the picture? or what I still want! :lol:
  11. Beauitful.. you're making me jealous.

    Congrat's and enjoy!
  12. she looks lovely on you! I'm hoping to have a new friend named Carly on Christmas morning!
  13. I"m sure TPF will be REAL busy after Christmas! I can't wait to see what everyone else got!:yahoo:
  14. the wristlet I think in the 2nd picture.
  15. Yup, its the signature duffle wristlet (40257 ). I keep my lipgloss and anti
    bacterial wash in it... I still remember that other thread where lipgloss spilled in her bag.:wtf: Don't want that to happen!:nogood: