Meet my new everyday bag!

  1. My black work:heart::heart::heart:
    What do you guys think of the leather???


    With the rest of the family

    With my 05' First
    DSC00468.JPG DSC00471.JPG DSC00474.JPG DSC00475.JPG
  2. LOVE it - congrats
  3. :yahoo: Congrats~ Very nice!
  4. very pretty! congrats!
  5. Gorgeous! and what a beautiful and complimentary family.
  6. The leather is WONDERFUL!!!! :love: Congrats!!
  7. Thanks ladies!!! My sandstone will finally get a break!
  8. The leather is yummy! I just love it, along with your other bags! :love:
  9. It is spectacular! I absolutely adore it and your first! I am so thrilled for you! Please take a modeling pic!
  10. LOVE it! :yes:
  11. Awesome!! I just adore my black work.

    Yours look yummy and that leather is going to break in so well :yes:
  12. I love it~
  13. I really feel like the Black Work is one o f the most useful Bbags b/c it can be an everyday purse or transition into a more corporate/briefcase type role so well. :yes: The leather looks yummy, so similar to your O5 First, and we all know how great 05 leather is!!:drool:
  14. Congrats :yahoo:Black is always useful and classic. :tup:The leather looks very thick and yummy.:drool:
  15. Oooooohhhhh....the leather on your new Black Work is WONDERFUL!