Meet my new Doll Baby "Bob" the Bully :)

  1. What a darling pooch!
  2. Bob and his cheeseburger!! :p

  3. Hehehehe! Bob is in cheeseburger heaven! What a cutie!
  4. ^^Cute! :lol:
  5. More Bobalicious pics of Bob doing what he does best :smile:


    DSCN2717.JPG DSCN2718.JPG
  6. I swear...that little sweetie just makes my day whenever I see him!!! :love:

    I can't imagine how you must feel...
  7. :tender::sunshine: He is my sunshine!! I could just squish his cute little face all day!! :p
  8. His wrinkles are darling! What a cutie pie!!
  9. I adore BOB! He is the sweetest!
  10. I'm sorry if y'all get sick of me posting about my Bobba-Lou...I just can't help it!! I'm in Love!!! HAHAHA!! Here are a couple of pics from our 5:30am this morning photo shoot!


    Bob.JPG Sweet Dreams Bobba Lou.JPG
  11. I'm never going to get sick of Bob. I'm in love!
  12. i can't get enough of him, need more pics! just the most cutest thing ever!
  13. Bob is getting so big! I am glad to hear that he is doing better and I love that he sleeps with his head on your night stand. Our bullie likes to go all the way under our covers and sleep there at night (or at least until he gets too hot). They sure do have some weird tendancies.
  14. he's precious! It would be impossible to get sick of Bobba-Lou :heart:
  15. Awww!!! Look at your little cutie!! What is his/her name???