Meet my new Doll Baby "Bob" the Bully :)

  1. I think it was our prayers. :angel: Just saying! Bob is a miracle!
  2. I'm so glad Bob is doing better. I just love the pics with the head on the nightstand. When I need to be cheered up, I just need to open this thread and stare at Bob - he is so adorable!!
  3. so cute!
  4. I've been enjoying Bob photos for some time now, but just now took the time to read through this thread.
    I'm so sorry to read about Bob's health issues,:sad: but I'm glad he is showing signs of improvement.
    He is so adorable and lucky to have you for his mom!

    My oldest son and girlfriend talk about getting a bully when they get married. They are in love with this breed.:smile: What's not to love?! They are so adorable!!! Bob is one of the cutest bully's in the world!!!
  5. Thanks everyone!! :smile: I find that Bob is the most unusual dog I have ever owned and also the most entertaining!! His bizarre behaviors make me laugh on a daily basis. Example:

    This morning the alarm went off. As you know from earlier posts, Bob likes to sleep with his head on the night stand which happens to be where the alarm clock is. After leaning over him for the 4th time to hit snooze, Bob got up, walked to the end of the bed and then walked back up and put his head on my head. Within 3 seconds he was snoring! WTH?!?! HAHAHAHA!!!
  6. I think you might be right!! He is nearly 100% better!!! :yahoo:
  7. He is just the cutest.

    What About Bob! That always pops in my head whenever I see this thread. LOL
  8. That is amazing! I am so happy for both of you.
  9. Bobballelujah!
  10. :roflmfao:
  11. bob is better!!!!!!!!!! :party:
  12. How about a new Bob pic to get me through the week....please!
  13. OK, Not sure if I have already posted the "bath time for Bob" picture? I tried to search, but, too many darn pages!! HAHA!! Here you go! Your weekly dose of Bob!!!

    bathtime for bob.jpg
  14. That is a great picture!! Love the tongue sticking out. He just keeps getting cuter & cuter!!
  15. Oh my! Bob is swimming! I am off to beddy-bye now with visions of Bob dancing in my head!