Meet my New Additions!

  1. I couldn't wait to share my photos of my new additions! I've been eagerly waiting for my last bag to come in so I could take the photos.

    My first purchase was the Black Medium Flap in lambskin with the mademoiselle lock and classic chain. This one came to me already loved, but it's in fabulous condition and I fell in love with it instantly! I had never been sure if I was a "flap" kinda girl ... but the instant I put this over my shoulder, I was in :love: . I love the look of this bag ... it's incredibly soft and I just love the distressed look! I do think it's a little small for every day use, atleast when I use my long wallet. So to rectify that I had to (of course! :rolleyes: ) go and buy a smaller LV wallet so I'd have more room in the bag for the rest of my things! Funny how it's so easy to justify more purchases!

    While I was waiting for the Black Flap to come in, I happened to see the Chocolate Brown GST online. WOW. I couldn't stop thinking about it ... it just looked so purty! So, one impulsive early morning I found myself doing a BIN. I was expecting it to be larger than it was, so I was pleasantly surprised to find it wasn't a huge bag at all! And I love the deep, rich brown with the silver hardware ... what a gorgeous combination.

    And that leads me to my third bag. After seeing the Black Medium Flap in person and instantly loving it, but realizing it was a bit small for everyday ... I thought of how much I'd love a larger version. I wanted the same look ... MM lock, classic chain, same soft lambskin ... so I found the perfect bag online in this gorgeous dark brown. This is the Jumbo Flap and it will be a perfect size for day! I can't wait to be able to take her out!

    And now ... it's time to stop buying more bags and enjoy what I have! I've gone a bit crazy this last while (I still have a Balenciaga City coming to me), so I think I've done enough damage this year already! I'll just have to live vicariously through everyone else's purchases from now on! :yes:

    So ... introducing my three new additions ... (sorry, no model pics ... I'm a bit shy :shame: )




    new_additions2.jpg black_flap2.jpg brown_gst2.jpg brown_flap2.jpg
  2. those are gorgeous... congrats
  3. congrats Moonstarr!
    i love love the black flap! the hybrid combination is beautiful and fun! enjoy!
  4. congrats on everything! i esp. love the Dark Brown Flap:tup: the color is sooo rich and vibrant!!
  5. Gorgeous, LOVE the brown GST!
  6. I love those flaps! Congrats! =)
  7. Love your brown flap!! I love brown flap!!!
  8. Congratulations Moonstarr! That's some serious shopping damage there. I love all of those bags. That brown is totally delicious and I love the brown jumbo, that looks like a great everyday bag.

    What do you think of the your GST? Do you use it everyday?
  9. Gorgeous!
    Love all of your new beauties!
  10. they are beautiful!! enjoy~!!!!
  11. I love them ALL! Especially that chocolatey GST...:love::drool:
  12. Thanks everyone!

    I actually haven't used it yet. I don't want to risk using it until it's nicer out! :smile:
  13. Beautiful! Congrats!
  14. wow, how lovely!
  15. Congrats!!!