Meet my Mulberry family (warning - very self-indulgent thread)

  1. Introducing you to (in order of purchase from oldest to newest):

    • Keira - Mauve Glove (eBay)
    • Ledbury - Oak Darwin (eBay)
    • Suzy - Aqua Washed Sheepskin (Mulberry Concession, NK, Stockholm)
    • Araline - Tangerine Nappa (Mulberry website)
    • Alana - Black Darwin (eBay)
    • Joni - Coffee Nappa (Mulberry website)
    • Rosemary - Chocolate Darwin (Mulberry outlet, Cheshire Oaks)
    • Mabel - Black Metallic Soft Goat (Cruise, Newcastle)
    • Accessories: Makeup bag (can't remember name) - Black Darwin, Vanity case - Oak Darwin, Keyring - Ochre Darwin
    mulberry 007.jpg mulberry 001.jpg mulberry 009.jpg mulberry 008.jpg mulberry 004.jpg
  2. Continues... Sorry btw I'm a rubbish photographer...
    mulberry 002.jpg mulberry 010.jpg mulberry 013.jpg mulberry 006.jpg
  3. Fabulous collection Griddle.
  4. Wow, Griddle! You have a fabulous Mulberry collection! :drool:
    Love you Keira, the colour is :heart: !
    And your newbie is just TDF!
    You must be sure to post these in the Mulberry reference thread - many of the colours and styles you have aren't in there...
  5. Wow, great collection!! Now I really want to live next door!!! Especially love that vanity case!!
  6. Wow! Great collection :tup:.

    What is the difference between Ledbury and Bayswater?
  7. Thanks peeps I'm sooo happy to have found a place where others understand my obsession!

    pursecrzy - Ledbury is the mini version. Love it, its one of my most used bags (hence the battered look - it sometimes drinks more than me down the pub!)
  8. Lovely collection, griddlebone. I love your new Mabel - and you got it for a great price, too.
  9. I want this one, sooo beautiful, I love anything mauve:heart::

    Some collection you have, congrats.

  10. Thanks!

    Another question: difference between E/W Bayswater and Ledbury? TIA
  11. Ledbury is slightly smaller with shorter handles...more of a grab bag.
    Great collection btw
  12. fantastic collection, im very jealous!!
  13. Oooo,the title pulled me in!! I love this sort of thread!!!!!!!!!! What a gorgeous collection!!! Lovely range of colors and styles!!! Yummy!!!
  14. I so love your mabel , you lucky thing you !!!

    Some modelling pictures would be great :smile:
  15. Great collection griddle. I love that it is so diverse :tup: