Meet my Geranium

  1. In addition to a RAOK gift, I got this today:


    My Geranium SATCHEL!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo:

    Excues the workout gear....and messy room....

  2. Cindy it's gorgeous!! And so are you!! Enjoy it.
  3. cindy, you're too freaking cute!

    it's look stunning on you!
  4. Very cute!!!!!
  5. Oh, wow--it's gorgeous!!!!!!! and you, too!

  6. Beautiful bag.
    Beautiful color.
    Glad your back.
  7. Looks like a happy day for both of us!! Looks great on you!!
  8. Love your new bag Cindy! you look great as always!!! congrats!
  9. Awesome Bag!
    You are SO ADORABLE...LOVE your smile! So SWEET!
  10. How pretty :drool:
  11. Love the color on this bag!!! Congrats!
  12. omg i still staring at it!
  13. Yeah -it looks fabulous on you! Woohoo - another member of the geranium club.
  14. Wowza!! Grats! That's an amazing color, lookin good :smile:

    Is it pebbled? It looks pebbled :smile:
  15. yup its pebbled.