Meet my doggie.. SHEETA

  1. She's a border collie lab cross, most loving & sweet doggy EVER!!

    love taking her photos!! She's 2 and half years old now, but still acts like a puppy!


    S H E E T A
  2. That is a very cute doggie! Thanks for posting the picture.
  3. Hi SHEETA!

    What a beautiful dog! :heart:

    I had a Border Collie/Lab cross. She was one of the great loves of my life! (She looked a lot like Sheeta. Her name was Shaina!)
  4. thanks IrishGal...

    Snowhite.. thanks :biggrin: never thought i would get a border collie, always imagine a small pup... but Sheeta is the BEST thing that has happened.. TOO SWEET!! loves border collies!!
  5. She is so sweet and adorable!!!
  6. Very cute pic!
  7. What a cutie pie!
  8. So cute!
  9. Awwww what a cutie!
  10. Cutie!
  11. Very cute!!!!!
  12. how cute. I am a huge animal lover, currently I have two chi's and 1 cat.
  13. What a great picture! I'll bet she's very smart and very active. She's lucky to have you!
  14. Sheeta is precious!
  15. She looks a bundle of fun, bet she loves playing games