~~~ Meet my Chinchilla's ~~~

  1. Hi, I wanted to introduce and share my new furry friends ...

    First - group pic of all my new boys.
    Second - Chilly Willy - he's mine.
    Third - nameless for now - he's hubby's and he's having trouble naming this one.
    Fourth - Milo - he's my daughters.

    Of course, I think mine is the cutest ... but my hubby's has got some cute poses too. Milo, my daughter's, eats a lot so I wanted to call him fatty, lol! He's cute too.
    chin1.jpg chin2.jpg chin3.jpg chin4.jpg
  2. aww they are all sooo cute!!!
  3. my goodness how darling! they're so fluffy!
  4. They are so cute!!
  5. Awwww..when I was little I always wanted one, but my dad bought me a rabbit instead because it was cheaper..LOL

    They are so stinkin cute!
  6. I just love Chinchillas. I used to breed a few 15 years ago and I still hanker for another one as a pet. Bimbo was my favorite, he was a beige chinchilla. I just love the way they take a bath in silver sand. They're amazing creatures and so clean and they live a long time. They make adorable pets. Unfortunately I'm now working overseas, where you can't have them.
  7. Those are the cutest little critters! I bet you will have a ton of fun with them!
  8. They are adorable! :love:
  9. How cuuuute, I really want one!
  10. Oh they are absolutely precious & ADORABLE!!! :yes: I love chincillas and miss mine so much (she passed away several years ago). I especially love the name "Chilly Willy"..Soooooo cute!:p:heart:
  11. They're so cute. I used to have 2 of them...they're so soft!!
  12. Talking about ADORABLE!!!!! Are they easy to train? what are their charateritcs like? Do they cuddle? They are sooo cute!!! I would LOve to get one for my daughter.. They need tons of space? Can you please tell a little about them? Thanks in advan:heart:ce..
  13. I've only had them for a couple of weeks, but I read and researched about them before I bought them. According to the book and some chinchilla lovers here in the forum, they live for at least 15 years. They are very clean, they love to take their dust baths and very lovable. Yes they love to cuddle. They need at least 2 hours outside of their cage for exercise ... so you have to have that time to devote to them.
  14. Aw, so cute!!! I want to get one - I wonder if they can get along with rabbits?
  15. they love to cuddle? cuuuute!!