Meet my Big Babies.............(pics)

  1. SO CUTE! omg!
    we had a rottweiler, ricky, and he was the sweetest dog ever!
    but when people saw him they turned around :l

    gosh..the pictures are so sweet!! look at those eyes!
  2. I am in an obedience training class with a rottie named Zeus. He is such a precious big baby! My golden and I love him to death and must find a way to continue play dates with him! Beautiful dogs!
  3. They're so cute! Rotties are one of my favorite breeds. I love big dogs!
  4. Those babies are sooo adorable!
  5. aww they are sooo cute, I want a rot soo bad! thanks for sharing.
  6. AWWWWW!! They are both *SO* cute!! :love: I can't stop looking at the pics, makes me wanna give them a really big hug and never let go! :p
  7. Blitz LOVES hugs!! He's like a big Teddy Bear!! Betty, on the other hand, only LOVES hugs from her "Daddy" (DH). Hard to tell why, since she is a rescued dog we don't know anything about her history. It's kind of sad because Betty tends to "flinch" sometimes when anyone goes to pet her on the head. Makes me wonder if she was hit in the face in her prior life.......:crybaby:
  8. Your babies are GORGEOUS! I've never met a Rottie I didn't love! :heart:
  9. this could be true. :cry:

    give blitz a big hug from me. :smooch:
  10. Just beautiful! I absolutely LOVE Rotties :love:
  11. wow....both of them weigh more than me!!!!
    I gotta put on some weight!!!!

    they're cute by the way!!!
    I love rotties when they're pups!!! It's so sad they have a bad rep, i know they're not all like that.