Meet my Big Babies.............(pics)

  1. After seeing Cindy Phams adorable little pups, I thought that I would post pics of the other extreme.......the "BIG DOGS"!! Even though they are the size of small horses, we love them like they are just puppies!! "Blitz" is the male, he weighs around 150 lbs, is close to 7 yrs. old and is a total "Momma's Boy".

    "Betty" is our 131 lb., 6 yr. old female Rottie. She is a rescued dog. My DH found her at the pound just 1 day before they were going to euthanize her :crybaby:. Needless to say, she is absolutely a "Daddy's Girl". I'm convinced that rescued pooches somehow know that their fate was grim and appreciate being "saved". She looks at the DH with more loving eyes than mine!!
  2. ^^ awe, they're adorable!!! :love:
  3. awwwww, i've been waiting for those pics. they are both adorable! :love: :love:

    thanks so much for sharing! :heart:
  4. AWW!!! My husby now wants a rottie too after we just got our little boxer but your dog is beautiful!
  5. Oh they're both beautiful!!! but Betty's eyes... :love:
  6. Love Rots!! They are precious.
  7. They are both adorable!! Such sweet eyes too!
  8. Thank you all, you're too kind! It seems that Rotties get a pretty bad reputation, but my 2 babies are sooooo gentle and sweet. :love: I call them my little "land manitees". They just love people!! :heart::heart:
  9. They're sooo cute!
  10. Love them - thank you for sharing your pics!
  11. Awww SO CUTE!!!
  12. awwww so cute, Blitz weighs more than me haha
  13. I love them. Such great dogs.
  14. They are both adorable! I love big dogs. I agree regarding the shelter pets. I think they know they have been saved and are very thankful for it.
  15. omg..i LOVE rotties! The ones I've met were never 'vicious' or 'mean' like how they're portrayed...most likely because they had good owners! Miu, your babies look really sweet! :heart: