Meet my baby and her LV *PICS*

  1. Here I introduce u my little baby her name is Bianca and she is almost 4 months old :love: love her too much !!
    I couldn't wait until she was fully grown to get her a LV so I bought this little piece (vachetta wish bracelet) and it fits perfect as a dog collar for her, she loves it :heart: and I am quite sure it will last her even when she has grown completly (I'll make some additonal holes to it)
    I like it a lot better than the actual chien collar which even the pm is kinda big for a chihuahua
    what do u think?
    biancalv.jpg biancalv2.jpg biancalv3.jpg
  2. omg she is the cutest little thing ever. the braclet looks ADORABLE on her. omg i love chiuahahas. OMG.
  3. OMG!! That pic is TOO CUTE for words!!! thanks for sharing!!
  4. She is too sweet!!!
  5. Awwww, she looks so precious. I would love to buy my chi an LV collar but he has a habit of chewing through collars. You are so lucky, congrats to you and your baby.
  6. oh how cute! love the bracelet too
  7. what a great idea! Bianca is too cute!
  8. OMG, how cute is that???? She's adorable!!
  9. so cute!
  10. :flowers: she says tnx very much lol
    tnx girls u r lovely
  11. she looks so cute with her little LV. you should post her on
  12. awww, that looks adorable on her!
  13. Bianca is adorable!! Sooooo cute!!
    IMO, the wish bracelet is cuter for a collar than the other collars anyway!! Great choice!
  14. It's perfect! Adorable!
  15. Aww shes so cute, i love little dogs, i should get my toy poodle one too :smile: