Meet my Babies (The children we never had)

  1. This is my first time in here. Hubby thinks it's a much safer and less inexpensive environment! Ha!

    We never had children. Didn't want any but boy do we love our Babies and treat them and honor them as we do humans. Most of our extra Emergency money goes to vet Bills. I have 2 Toy poodles (10 and 13) who have multitudes of problems (Cushings, Allergies, Ruptured Disc, Luxating Patellas, Hip dyplasia, arthritis, tracheal collapse, Dislocated Hips, Skin infections). Yep, all this in Two 8 lb babies. I also have a young Poodle and 7 Kitties. I'll introduce them to you....

    boys.jpg Duffy's Golden Biscuit (Wuppa) and Duffy's Gold French Faux Paw (Frenchie)

    GucciGirl.JPG Gucci's Midnight Glamour Girl (Gucci)

    prettyazzy.JPG Azriel (age 7)

    bushyface.jpg BushyButt (age10)

    BabyGirl.jpg Baby Kitty (age 13-18?)
  2. And then the rest...

    lulabelle.jpg LulaBelle (Lula) (age 7)

    oreo3.jpg Oreo (age 6)

    Emma_French.jpg Emma (age 12)

    Diva Divine.JPG The Divine Miss M (Diva) (A baby!!!)

    P.S. How in the world do you guys attach your pics so they show up without opening? Am I missing something?
  3. they are all very beautiful i have 1 dog and 6 kitties. You must have your hands full looking after them all. Do you let your cats out?
  4. So cute ...i love poodles too! I have a toy poodle puppy (3 months old) and a 5 year old standard :smile: I hope my toy doesnt get problems like yours...have they always had problems or is it recent because theyre getting older?
  5. They are all so cute!!! You must never get lonely!!!
  6. It wasn't until they were 7 or 8 that things started. French had a laminectomy at OSU then he had to have 4 knee surgeries within a year. Then they found stress induced Cushings. Wuppa is oldest at 13 but the only 2 things he has had done was 2 femoral head ostectomies. He has no hip joints anymore since they chopped them off (Yep, that's what they do). He dislocated each hip 2 years apart. He walks just fine though. He coughs slightly from the collapsed trachea.

    Gucci is a baby at 2 years. No problems yet except an umbilical Hernia repair from where her spay incision was.

    OHHHH, and I don't know how you all are going to take this but all of my cats are spayed/neutered and (drumroll) Declawed. None of them has seen the outside except through a window. We rescued most of these from streets or shelters. We do some rescue work. Lula is a kitten who we rescued along with her 4 littermates. They all had to be put down from Herpes in their eyes from the rhino virus. We were able to keep Lula alive and she is absolutely fine except for blindness in one eye.

    Some people get a little mad about the declawing but we ask one or 2 days of pain from them for a lifetime of luxury. I lost 4 cats in the past 5 years and they were all approximately 15 years. They lead wonderful lives. Yes, I know I had them amputate their digits, and I hate to think of it, but it's necessary in order to have so many indoors. Hope you all can understand.
  7. Nooo, loneliness is never an issue. I would like to have more room in bed next to Hubby but we all have to share I guess.

    And there's alot of work to do needless to say. 5 litter boxes that get cleaned 3 times a day. And the cleaning of dustbunnies and then the occasional presents....The hairballs! LOL And all the sweeping. Plus dog grooming which I do myself most times.

    I wonder if I would have more time with real children!
  8. Aaaw, they're all so adorable! :love:
  9. ooo love them all i would love to come to your place and pet them all beautiful animals and your baby kitty is the cutest
  10. I love all your cats, espcially Azriel :heart:
  11. Wow! You have a big crew! They are all so sweet! I have two Pomeranians and three birds. I love sharing my life with animals. I wouldn't have it any other way.
  12. Aww, they're all adorable! I'm just like you in that I'd rather have a house full of "furry" children than human children!
  13. Awe Diva Divine is too cute-
  14. Your children are SOOO cute:tender:
  15. You have a wonderful family! So many different looking cats--the baby kitty is so pretty--such blue eyes.

    I'm sorry your poodles are suffering from so many problems. Boxers have a lot of health issues, too, and it gets expensive, but it's part of having them in the family. Bless you for rescuing so many animals. I don't think it's cruel at all, but I know people who are rabid on the topic.

    Thanks for sharing the pics!