Meet Ms KATE and my very first bandeau, PAPILLON bandeau in PINK

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  1. Aloha all, i could'nt resist the beauty of Ms KATE so, i had to take her home with me.. And an extra PAPILLON bandeau in PINK(heard this color is LE) heres a pic together with the family of gold plated inventeur,... enjoy..:yahoo::heart:
  2. Congrats, beautiful collection!
  3. Beautiful!! Congratulations!
  4. Beautiful... I love your collection. The more I see of MC Kate, the more I want her!
  5. that bandeau is :heart: ..
  6. Congrats on Ms. Kate!

    And I :heart: your bandeau...
  7. Congrats!! I love your PINK bandeau.
  8. Everything is so pretty ! :heart:
  9. Mahalo all, i know she is a BEAUTY, still inside the box.. i'll wait for the right moment to take her out.. I love my bandeau, been using it back and forth to my papillon and speedy.. Thanks for looking all..
  10. wonderful collection!!..Love your Galliera and water speedy!!..Well,let's say Love every single of themmmmm!!! thanks for sharing and congrats!!
  11. Wow, she's beautiful ~ both of them! Congrats!
  12. LoVely collection. The Galliera is aging beautifully and so nice to see a little Damier!
  13. Thank you Koala and mspurple(love your collections and the travel bandeaus) and misscrocodile.. Yes, i have to put her away for now.. been using it much put it away when i got my wc..
  14. Your beautiful collection is really growing- so beautiful and love the bandeau on the WC speedy too!
  15. omg picture of gold plate family.. thats so cute...