Meet Mr. Crackle and shoes, my stunning new spy

  1. Here is my beautiful, stunning new Crackle spy, I am totally in love with this bag. The handles twinkle like stardust, and the bag is not a "in your face" bright silver its very matt. Cannot stop looking at it, also got these C. louboutins to go with it. I wish everyone could see the bag IRL as its amazing. I use to only love the all leather ones but once you start seeing these LE IRL you can see they are a work of art.
    134_3479.JPG 134_3488.JPG 134_3485.JPG 134_3489.JPG
  2. lovely! One of my favorite spys--wish I could see it in person!
  3. :love:

    So so so beautiful! Congratulations!
  4. and some more pictures
    134_3494.JPG 134_3493.JPG 134_3497.JPG 134_3495.JPG 134_3496.JPG
  5. Wow, I've never seen anything like it! The close ups really show how detailed the design is. I think this bag is great
  6. Wow Saich I think it has to be up there in the top 3 of your collection, it is trully stunning, and those shoes are tdf, you are so gonna rock your holidays wearing those.

    Yummy yummy silver fairy dust!
  7. So glad you love the bag Secret, Liti, KMSNYC and Daisy

    I agree with you Secret it is in my top 3 just have not stop grinning today as love this bag so much.
  8. Stunning bag, SAICH.

    Was this a 2006 LE or ?? I can't believe they found one for you. Gorgeous eye candy..Congrats! :yahoo::wlae::yahoo:
  9. [​IMG]

  10.'s gorgeous..where u find this bag? and lovely shoes tooo..where did u find the shoes as well?
  11. Saich, where did you every find this beauty?! I am IN LOVE!!!:love: Wear it in the best of health, dear!:yes:
  12. Absolutely stunning ... it's too gorgeous for words! Congrats Saich ... your spy family is TDF and this latest acquisition is no exception!:drool:
  13. OMG. you did it again!!! that is a GORGEOUS bag saich!! a big fat congrats!!

    what is that bag made of? it's so interesting to look at!

    so, what's your next quest?? ;)
  14. Baglady and H_Addict the bag was bought from Harrods, I bought it yesterday and they delivered today. A while ago I was chatting with the Manager of Fendi Harrods and said I wanted one of these bags, then forgot all about it, the Manager got in touch with Italy who check ever store in the world and found one. Its brand new and from S/S 06

    Pwecious the shoes are C. Louboutin and from Net-a-porter

    Shipping247 - this is the only bag Fendi has made so far as a spy in suede. The raised up bits on the bag is like a rope effect gone over in silver.

    So glad you all love it, I am still grinning and the bag is following me round the house so I can look at it...LOl
  15. it's so gorgeous, congrats!