Meet Molly - cute, yet evil.....

  1. [​IMG]

    This is Molly - she's just 3 months old and she's super cute!!!

    She loves chewing my shoes up and pooping everywhere I don't want her to.


    Isn't she bootiful?????
  2. she's beautiful!! looks like a sleeping angel too!!!
    well i hope she doesn't develop a thing for chewing designer bags and shoes... that could be an expensive hobby!!
  3. That is the most precious picture!
  4. OMG!! adorable!
  5. So cute - she looks gorgeous!
  6. She's very adorable.
  7. Evil?? Surely not---she looks like an angel straight from Heaven (while she's sleeping anyway!)
  8. I love all puppies! And yours looks super cute!
  9. Aaaaw, she's adorable:love: Congrats
  10. shes so cute!
  11. Molly looks so sweet!!!
  12. WHAT A CUTIE!!! Molly will grow out of her "evil" ways, fear not!

    We have a "cute, yet evil" child as well. She is a little Poodle/Bichon cross who looks like a princess, and acts like she was raised by wolves!!! (She grew up with three large and very active dogs.) Her behaviour shocks everyone!
  13. sucha gorgeous baby!! a baby being this gorgeous cannot be evil.. :smile:
  14. She looks fo beautiful, like butter would not melt in her mouth.....LOL I always think little girls can be soooooo loving yet right little terrors when they get going.

    I would keep them designer bags under lock and key.....
  15. She's so cute! Now I want another puppy....:shame: