Meet Mitzy, Mitzy and Mitzy junior!

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  1. Fab bags, rachiem - the RN at £200 was a bargain!
  2. Gorgeous Rachie! Mitzy is a fabulous bag and well done for getting your RN bargain!
  3. :love: gorgeous rachie!
  4. Totally fabulous!
  5. Love all your Mitzys Rachie!

    Is your RN one a medium? If so could you compare the handle length on that and your Oak one please?
  6. lovely coollection :biggrin: lipstick is my favourite. So beautiful :smile:
  7. All lovely rachiem. I have to ask - how did you manage the RN at £200??? A really great buy.
  8. Bags and you are both looking good! xx
  9. I've just measured this expecting them to be the same or the Medium one smaller but the Medium strap is actually an inch longer and 14 inches??
  10. It originally sold on Ebay and the sale fell though. (the buyer was doubting authenticity because it was so cheap)??
    I'd emailed the seller asking a question and she emailed back the next day, asking if I was interested.
  11. lovely Mitzy's Rachie, your Ostrich Mitzy is actually growing on me. I quite like it now :smile:
  12. It's been on my wardrobe door with a Bagpuss door weight inside since it arrived and I totally love it now. It's sagging quite nicely!
    It's a hard colour to discribe but it's a pink/coral colour.
  13. Thanks so much for doing that Rachie, how interesting!
  14. Lovely Mitzy! Congrats!!