Meet Miss Congeniality, my new Tano!

  1. Although Miss Congeniality is a style from last season, I was obsessing over one and couldn't find one. I went out on Saturday and into a boutique I'd never been to before, and there she was just waiting for me! I figured it had to be a sign, so I scooped her up and took her home. :heart:

    Miss Congeniality:

    While I love the front, I also love the side detailing, which looks great when the bag is carried:

    And the lining may not be super high quality, but it sure is pretty!

    I love, love, love the crunch leather. It is soft and beautiful without being too delicate (I can't carry a lambskin bag, for example), and the color is so rich. I'll be hunting Tano for a blue bag for fall!
  2. Very pretty! Congratulations, enjoy her!
  3. Thank you for sharing the start of your new lovely relationship. She's a beauty!
  4. wonderful! purse serendipity is the BEST, isn't it??!!
  5. Congrats!! It's funny that you just saw this purse in a boutique, because I just did too on Saturday in the same color. I fell in love with this style too and bought it!!
  6. That is one beautiful Tano. In fact, I kept a photo of an eBay auction of that same bag because I liked it so much.

    This one is quite faded though, almost to a Pomegranate color. And it IS a Miss Con. in red, I asked Tano expert what it was at the time.
  7. I love that bag!!!!:drool:


  8. What a great red color!!! You must be very excited!!!
  9. Love the bag and the color! Don't you feel great when it's a 'meant to be' situation? :tup:
  10. Great color! Congrats!
  11. she's pretty I love the color :love:
  12. Sassy bag, sassy name - enjoy!
  13. I'm waiting for my first Tano in crunch leather. Glad to hear that you love yours so much!

  14. Great bag - it's kind of like the My Heroin that I bought recently.
  15. I believe that My Heroin is actually the same bag in a different leather. It is this season's version of the same bag, I think.