Meet Miss Black Box ... thank you again for your help in finding her!

  1. Hello again!

    A while back I posted Oh no! I just fell in love with the Box, and left off after I had picked up my very first Balenciaga. Embarrassingly, it's almost a month later, and I finally come bearing photos! I'll try and make up for my lack of timeliness with some quantity.

    On the day I got Miss Black Box, Manhattan was a hot, humid island of torture. Leaving downtown Brooklyn, my first stop was Bloomingdales for some of the best frozen yogurt ever. From the 59th St NRW stop, there's an entrance straight into Bloomingdales on the level with 40 Carrots. Thanks to a lovely PF member who posted in the food subforum, I'm now in on this local secret. Much recommended!

    Once revived, it was a fairly short walk to Barney's. The weather was even more oppressive, but inside felt divine. Wandering around the handbag department, I spotted all of the Bals in a display in the middle of the floor. After oogling the black lizard skin City with shiny regular silver hardware (oooh!) I saw my goal sitting elegantly inside the display case. I stopped and stared, and then noticed more boxes out on a rack. I tried modeling a deep blue (blueberry? ink?) box, just to get a feel for the shape before I committed myself to pestering a salesperson.

    I didn't last long in front of the mirror before, and I quickly asked for the box behind the glass. After a mirror model, inspection, and some Bal chatter, she was being rung up and wrapped! Fortunately, Leo at Barney's is their Bal expert and he said that he liked the Box and had some sent to NYC after they were discontinued. I thanked him a lot for that, since it meant I had one in my grubby hands so quickly.

    As soon as I was done, I took a quick spin around the rest of the floor and was ready to leave when the sky started dumping buckets of rain. Eek, not on my new beauty, you don't! Leo fixed another back upside down on mine and I waited it out before strolling up to Hermes (looking only, after the damage I had just done) and Apple, where I took the two snaps on the end of the last thread.

    But enough talk! After a few mundane photos at home, I decided to do some guerilla modeling on the go in my fair city. (mmmm, city...maybe my next one? :graucho:) In Midtown, after a quick stop in MAC, I went to Restoration Hardware. I don't know how widespread they are, but it's like Crate & Barrel.


    Sitting on my lap for size reference: I'm 5'6" and 103lbs. Also, I have terrible hair -- it was another humid day!

    Sitting on her own: yummy leather!

    Tassles: I have to admit, after a couple days I had to have them shorter. So I put them in long floppy bows and wound black thread around the knots to keep them permanently tied. Now they're easier to grab on to and feel less delicate. The front pocket also has a brass L.A.M.B charm, so I have something to grab on to when I'm racing for my metrocard.

    Mirror shot: Look ma, no hands! A while back I tried a City at BalNY and didn't like the way the handles sat on my shoulder. But when the Box isn't stuffed, it fits neatly.

    Leather closeup: These are from when she first came home. All of the leather was supple and thick except for one side panel that felt a bit crackly and very distressed. Thanks to the advice of the board, I made sure I also brought home a bottle of Lubiderm. Before and after photos of the same section under the same light for comparison. I've since done a few more massages and sprayed protectant and this patch is holding up wonderfully.

    Box in Action! How does the Balenciaga leather get so soft and plump? Secret: milkshakes! Well, hopefully one of us knows how to gain weight! Here she is hanging out in Madison Sq Park with a Shake Shack milkshake.

    My apologies for this being so long, and I hope you enjoyed the evidence of my wanderings with my first and dearly loved Bal bag. :smile: The photos that aren't attached are on flickr and there are larger versions uploaded there.
    DSC03646.jpg DSC03648.jpg DSC03649.jpg DSC03597.jpg
  2. WOW that really does suit you!!! Thanks for the brilliant photos and the story.
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  4. Congrats! That is one amazing bag!
  5. Awesome box, pictures, and story! I loved the whole walkthrough, you have a knack for that! =) Congrats on your new beauty! BTW, the Simpsonsnized version of you looks SOOO much like that first pic of you @ the Restoration Hardware! We have them in California too...and in Minnesota where I went to college. I think they're quite widespread. =)
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    I never like black but you totally rock the box!
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    fantastic story, fantastic bag!
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    Such a fun story! And you are a doll! Love your new bag!!!