Meet Meredith!

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  1. So here it is - my first genuine Kooba bag!!
    Meet MEREDITH.

    I really love this bag - the leather is soooooo yummy and the color - UGH! TDF!!! I don't have another bag in this color, so this one is very special!! I'm calling this my "grown-up" bag! I always have bags that are so "in" or "hot" (Balenciaga, Bulga, Gustto). This is a bag I know that I can carry for many, many years to come!!

    It looks a little smaller in the pics but that's because it's not stuffed so it collapses a little - there is a lot of room inside this bag.

    There are two (well, three) very minor "problems" with this bag - (1) there was a small pen marking inside the main flap of the bag. It's not that big a deal since it's on the inside - Im hoping I can figure out a way to remove it w/o damaging the leather. Otherwise, I'll just leave it alone, (2) one corner of the bag is eve so slightly worn. The bag has a very light glaze over the leather giving it a little sheen and dimension to it. At one of the corners, this sheen isn't there leaving the leather a little more matted and the color ever so slightly lighter. The leather isn't exactly worn away - I think it's the glaze that's worn away, and (3) I will admit that the pushlock is NOT very easy to operate. Surprisingly, opening the bag is fairly simple - push the button down, and VOILA! bag opens. It's closing the bag that's difficult. You have to line up the buttons exactly and PUSH! very hard. It doesn't always catch, and has taken me a couple of tries every time. Hopefully, this will loosen up with use & time - otherwise, I may just leave the lock undone (there is a magnet inside so it sticks together when the flap comes down).

    Otherwise I love it. I have already sprayed the bag w/my Kiwi Protect-All. The leather is super soft, and seems a little delicate, but I don't think it will be a problem. I'm usually pretty easy going on my bags - I don't put them on the floor, carry them carefully, etc. Since this is my first Kooba, I can't compare it to another bag - I know there's been some discussion about the leather on this bag being the same as another that was a little problematic. This is very soft lamb's leather, and like I said it has a soft glaze (or sheen) over it.

    OK - enough. So here she is - Meet Meredith!!

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  2. Yay! I love mine, too. I have her in blonde and I have gotten used to the push lock over the last week!
  3. one thing I really like about this bag is that the longer strap is long enough to wear cross-body - again, a lot like the Coffer style.
  4. Your new bag is a beauty!
  5. Beautiful bag - love the color! Enjoy it!
  6. Congratulations! It's beautiful. I love that color.
  7. Beautifull. You're right, it's such a grown-up bag. It looks like the shorter handle goes over the shoulder easily, is that true? I would also love to see someone wearing it like that for scale.
  8. That Slate color is so pretty. I had the small Nina but didn't use it so I never knew the pushlock might be troublesome. I hope the leather wears well for you. I'm not into big Flap bags so I never considered it seriously but it is very pretty....and like you...the closest thing to a Coffer as I am ever going to get.
  9. Congrats on that Meredith, iluvmybags:yahoo:

    Love the colour, hope you don't have any major problems with it, keep us posted!
  10. thanks everyone!! I had to leave her at home while I went to work :sad: -- didn't have time to change bags - but I just couldn't stop admiring her when I was home!!

    The leather is so soft, and I can't say enough about the color.

    I really don't think the lock's going to be too big of a deal or problematic. It should get easier over time & if not, I just won't lock it - with the magnet in there, the flap stays closed, so it's no big deal.

    I just love everything about this bag - the leather, color, style, shape, weight - it holds so much but doesn't look like a structured bag. As long it's not completely stuffed, the bag will retain a certain amount of slouchiness which I really like -- (too bad the lining's not suede, but I guess we can't everything we want!!LOL!)

    AaaaHhhh - I'm in luv!!:heart::heart::heart:
  11. oooh what a baby! I love it! So you can really wear it cross-body? That is so cool!
  12. Congrats on your new Meredith, she's a beauty! I didn't realize this bag was slouchy at all... I'd love to see some modeling pics. *hint*hint* ;)

    Try some Coach Leather Cleaner on that pen mark. I was reading in the Balenciaga Forum last night, and someone used that on a Bbag and it removed the stain without rubbing off any color...
  13. It's gorgeous!
  14. I love the feminine and squidgy look of the Meredith and the color is beautiful. Congratulations!
  15. I don't think I'd want to use the Coach cleaner. Anytime I've used that, it lifted the color. Last time I was at Nordstroms, I talked to my SA about this - she explained how Coach uses a formula for their cleaners that's for a specific type of leather which Coach used to use but actually no longer does (water based buffalo??). She said she's heard lots of people describe the color-lifting, and said that Coach's lotions are too harsh for the more delicate bags made today. I bought the lotion that they had - one I used to buy a long time ago (the store I used to buy it at stopped carrying it). I've used on several bags & it doesn't lift the color at all.

    Tried it on the pen mark w/no luck.