Meet Maddy............

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  1. Thought I would try to show my Kitties checking out Maddy

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  2. a few more photos of the details

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  3. so pretty! And I think your kitty likes her too.
  4. The color is fabulous! I Love it!

    Your cats are so cute!!!
  5. Stunning + Gorgeous! Congrats Robynbenz. =)
    Love kitties, thanks for sharing.
  6. Stunning! :drool:Love the action shots. I think the size looks great on you. How are you liking your Maddy robynbenz? I see you have not been brave enough to cut that tag off yet:graucho:
  7. I took these photos the day I received the bag and wanted to see what DH thought before I took off the control tag. I was feeling guilty:shame: but he really likes the bag and said to keep it, so I guess I will rip the tag off and add it to the growing collection:yahoo:

    Thanks for all the compliments:P My kitties thank you too.
  8. Totally stunning - the bag is gorgeous too!
  9. congrats!
  10. congratulations.. absolutely gorgeous!!
  11. Love it! I just came back from LV where I saw a ton of Maddys at JC boutiques! Bronze, White, Cobalt and the ultimate green croc Mahala! Finally I was able to actually see those babies in person!
  12. Gorgeous bag, but your cats steal the show ;)
  13. Wow - that's a gorgeous red bag! Enjoy!
  14. Love the red! Wow!