Meet Lucky The Duck

  1. This cute little fella, pictured, was shot twice by a hunter and then put in a fridge, presummed dead! TWO days later, the hunters wife opened her fridge to find this duck wasnt ready for the oven as it gave her a helpless look - as well as quite a scare! The duck now named Lucky is currently tucked up warm away from hungry hunters in Killeran Animal Hospital in Florida, having the time of its life on medication, alive!
  2. awwww poor baby!!!
    (stupid hunters) hmmpf*:blah:
  3. Omg!:wtf: I love ducks! get well soon little fella
  4. Poor little thing, must have been so scared. So glad its now going to be OK
  5. Omg little ducky. How cute he is.
  6. such a cute duck! oh the poor baby! two days with a gunshot and in a freeer? how DID
  7. That poor little ducky.:crybaby: He must have a strong will and a lot of luck!
  8. OMG what a story, so glad he survived that ordeal! We have a saying here "Lucky duck" he sure is!
  9. Poor little Duck:sad: !! I'm so happy she's okay now! :heart:
  10. Being in the fridge is probably what saved the lil fella's life.
  11. :crybaby: :crybaby: Poor little duck!! This is why I am completely against hunting, who in the right mind could kill an animal like that? I hope the duck gets better real soon and will have a home.
  12. Poor thing!

    I'm all for hunting, if the animal is going to be eaten.

    But, um, the hunter should make sure the animal is actually dead.
  13. Wow
  14. There was an update on this duck actually. The surgeon was operating on its wing and she flatlined. He performed CPR on her and she came back to life. Apparently, she had sensitivity to anesthetics. No more surgeries for her. The wildlife keeper was so upset, she cried too. So, I'd say she's one LUCKY DUCK! I hope she has a LONG LONG duck life!
  15. Awww... It's a duck with 9 lives!